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Interview with District 69’s Bugzy

Interview with District 69’s Bugzy

Introducing the team leader of the third seed team in Europe; District 69’s Bugzy! Our staff member Svvite had a chance to interview this lovely gentleman, so let’s dive right into the Q&A and see what he has to say.
Q: How do you feel about your latest success/win in the PaladinsWorld Qualifiers?
A: We’re definitely happy with our performance with our latest win in getting third seed. Although we’ve been aiming for that #1 spot, we feel confident with the #3 that we got.
Q: Which enemy team did you fear the most over the tournament weeks? Which enemy team did you fear the most over the tournament weeks?
A: We fear no one, we’re the team that you need to beat over and over again until you prove that you’re worth being afraid of.
Q: Which of the current unqualified teams do you believe will make it in the play-offs and why? (This question was asked before Week 4)
A: It will definitely be Fate or the new team which is forming with leftovers from different disbanded teams. They’ve been around for a while and i don’t see any of new teams take that 4th seed spot.
Q: Are you excited for the Dreamhack Tournament?
A: We can not wait to meet each other in Sweden and have that great experience of playing along side of each other. There is very little that can be compared to the feeling of meeting your teammates for the first time outside of online gaming.
Q: Which role do you think will eSports take in the overall Paladins community?
A: As for eSports role I’m not really sure. Hi-Rez didn’t seem to take the competitive feedback very seriously at the start, but as of lately we can see some nice changes and one of most important things, twitch viewership for Paladins is mostly made by eSports so it’s at least 50/50 at the moment.
Q: Do you wish to see a higher diversity in the “map pool”?
A: Having multiple maps in the pool of competitive play is something that will differentiate a good team from the best team in the game, so that’s a change that would definitely be positive for our competition.
Q: Are there changes you wish to see concerning the current game mode?
A: I’d like to see the game mode to be reversed. I really liked the capture and siege mode, that’s something that made Paladins different from it’s main opponent Overwatch. But being a competitive player we need to adapt to whatever Hi-Rez brings on us and deal with it.
Q: Should HiRez focus more on champion or card variety?
A: Having four specialty routes for every champion would be just enough for a decent period of time i feel like, so after having 4 specialties i think it’s best move onto the champion quantity to prepare the numbers for the pick and ban system.
Q: Now the fun part: You have to swap your face with one of the current Paladins champions. Who would it be?
A: It’d have to be Fernando, that forehead is something out of this world and the face itself is not too bad either.

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