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Interview with MatchPoint’s Stolzey

Interview with MatchPoint’s Stolzey

For PaladinsWorld’s next interview, we talked with MatchPoint’s Androxus player; Stolzey! Find out how Stolzey got into competitive gaming and what his thoughts are about the closed beta 30 patch. 
Q: How did you start with competitive gaming in general? 
A: Well honestly, nearly every single game I’ve ever played has been a multiplayer competitive game.  Other than a few single player games from some old consoles growing up, the only games that have ever interested me were games where I could put my abilities up against other people. The game that really kicked this mentality off for me would be Counter Strike. I started playing it when I was about 12-13 and didn’t really touch another game for many years. I took getting better at the game very seriously, but never really put in the dedication that I have now into climbing up on whatever CAL, CEVO, or ESEA team I was on throughout the years. After a long time (12 years) in CS, I found Smite. The only game that I enjoyed playing other than CS in over 10 years. There was just so much to learn, so much to get good at, so much amazing gameplay, nearly everything required skill, had counter-play, and I was hooked. Thousands of hours, and 18 Diamond characters later, Paladins was released and I was there at the first minute the Play button was clickable.
Q: You guys are currently on a devastating winning streak. What is your (as a team) highest advantage that leads to such a supremacy? 
A: Our highest advantages are both our experience surrounding Paladins and our high levels of mechanical skill. Everyone on this team has flown across the planet to play this game on stage. We have all met each other in person, spent days together, laughed, been out drinking together, have stories about each other, and so much more. We are friends over the internet, and real life as well. That alone is worth so much, and contributes to us as a team more than people may realize. Not only that, but we have all been playing competitive games our entire life, and have been playing Paladins since its early days. My teammates are amazing players that can adapt to anything, and we will continue this devastating winning streak all the way to SWC 2017, where we all believe we will take first place.
Q: In CB30, the horse has been removed from the battlefield and it’s limited to the first ten seconds of each round. How did this affect the general competitive playstyle? How do you feel about this change? 
A: Due to the horse being removed from the battlefield, flanking has become quite odd and less of a factor, but still possible. Also, mid combat repositioning is harder to pull off and easier to deal with. For the most part, if you are spotted and take cover, your enemy will have an easier time knowing where you are and where you could possibly be the a short amount of time they can’t see you. Compared to CB29 and earlier, where if you lose sight of someone for longer than a few seconds, they mount up and could be anywhere in no time at all. Personally I wasn’t really looking forward to this change, but after playing on the new map “Temple Isle” and understanding its size, I think the change is a good one.
Q: With the introduction of the new map “Temple Isle”, the battleground has been compressed and now features divided areas. Do you think this change is a step in the right direction, or would you leave the battlefield more open as pre-CB30? 
A: I believe that the map compression is a great change. It absolutely makes the game feel more like an FPS and truly makes the games feel exciting whether you are playing or just watching. The tightness, the amount of cover, the angles, and the playstyles that this map brings is something I was looking forward when I first heard about them while at Dreamhack. The only issues I do have would be the portals and the spawn camping. Dealing with people damaging you the second you take the portal, before you can even properly react is just not fun to play both casually and competitively, and needs to be addressed ASAP. Though I’m sure this issue is already being addressed. As for the divided areas, I feel it works well with the round based system Paladins brings and is most likely in the right direction. Even so, I do miss roaming around and using an entire map to my advantage.
Q: Do you agree with the upcoming health and damage changes on certain Champions? If you had to choose for Paladins, would you direct it towards MOBA, FPS, or the exact in-between?
A: I’m pretty split on this question. Personally I would prefer the TTK a little higher based on the fact that I am dying to people that are nowhere near my skill level nowadays, which is something that NEVER happened in CB29 unless I was in their spawn messing around. This change is very good for the casual community, it makes it easier to get kills no matter how good the enemy is, but at the same time it’s frustrating for newer players to die so quickly and feel like they can’t contribute to their team at all. I’ve seen both things hundreds of times so far in this patch. Overall I do believe most of the player base prefers the game as it stands right now, with a low TTK such as this. That being said, if it was up to me, I would chose the direction of an FPS for Paladins. I do believe that’s what the people want.
Q: What feature is still missing in Paladins that you would love to see?
A: Customizable crosshairs, I’m talking CSGO customizable. Customization is a big deal to a lot of players, I promise! As an Androxus player, I feel like I lose my Crosshair every few seconds, especially when looking up at an enemy and my crosshair is in the sky. With the amount of times I can’t see this white, non-outlined crosshair, I feel like I could aim better without a crosshair at all. Also, the game severely needs a more precise mouse sensitivity setting (Playing on 7, but I NEED 6.81 HIREZ PLEASE). The game would be so much more enjoyable to me personally if my mouse did exactly what I expect of it, but it’s either too fast or too slow with the current mouse sensitivity system, no matter the DPI I am using.
Q: What do you desire to cross out on your imaginary “to-do-list” at the end of 2016?
A: Have 5000 in game friends in Paladins, help 5000 people get better and understand Paladins, and bring 5000 people to start playing Paladins. Also of course being the first seeded team at the Paladins HRX Invitational Tournament in January.
Q: Is there anything else you would like to say?
A: I would like to say thank you to you, the reader, who took the time to read this. It really does means so much to me. Thank you to everyone in the Paladins community, both casually and competitively. To the casual community, thank you for watching my YouTube content, supporting my team, and using me as a resource to get better at the game. I’m always down to help anyone with anything so feel free to hit me up on twitter or discord! To the competitive community, please don’t hate me for my YouTube videos of me fragging out on you guys. Nothing is going to stop me from fragging out on you guys. Thank you to everyone at PaladinsWorld for everything they do for the competitive scene, including this interview! Thank you to everyone at Match Point and our sponsors for the amazing support they give us. Thank you to everyone at HiRez for of course giving us Paladins, as well as the opportunity to showcase our skills in the best game. Most of all, thank you to the best players in the world, my teammates. They do all the work, I just show up and left click.

PaladinsWorld Head Editor & Website Administrator. I always end up being a Jack of All Trades. 18 years old, German roots.



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