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The Beginners Guide

The Beginners Guide

Paladins officially launched the Open Beta with the release of a Steam version! If you are new to Paladins, there are certainly things you might not know about this game yet. We compiled the most important info for your perfect start as a Champion of the Realm!
Pick your Poison
As you may have already noticed, you can pick between a whole set of items throughout the matches that allow you to gain additional advantages over your enemy. However, there are also Cards with which you can build your own Card Deck for each Champion in Paladins. You can either obtain the cards from Radiant Chests, chests that are obtained by leveling up or purchasing them which randomly award you Cards or Skins, or by buying them directly with your earned gold in the Card Selection menu. Building the right decks and buying the most fitting items is essential for your competition capabilities in the Realm!
Paladins Is Still Growing
The Open Beta will be the start of the blossoming phase of Paladins. Although the time of major gameplay changes should be over with the end of the Closed Beta, you should not expect a stagnation of the current game state. The game will be changing and expanding a lot in the next coming months and you can help it heading in the right direction. Use the feedback forms in the main menu of Paladins, join discussions on the Paladins reddit or report bugs you encountered to the Paladins forums.

The Voice Guided System (VGS System)
There are several ways to communicate with your team partners. Some methods take more time than the others, a few of them will be harder to access. The best way to communicate on a fast and efficient way is the integrated Voice Guided System (VGS) that can be accessed ingame by clicking the ‘V’ key. From there on, you can easily call a Group-up or an incoming ultimate to your team members in less than a second!
Competitions Everywhere
Feel ready for the higher league of the Paladins player base or want to try yourself in a competitive mode? You can choose between the casual as well as the competitive queue in Paladins. You have to master at least 12 Champions to Mastery 4 before you are able to play the competitive mode! Furthermore, in cooperation with Hi-Rez Studios, PaladinsWorld hosts several tournament series / splits over the whole year, allowing you to get yourself a name in the competitive Paladins scene and win a huge prize pool! You can also check out the ESL and Paladins reddit tournaments in the meantime.

Learn More About The Game
If you desire to get better at Paladins, you may want to join the PaladinsGame Twitch when tournaments are broadcasted or general games are played by the various Paladins streamers. You can also find various guides that are all about stategies and Champion builds all over the internet! The Content Team of Hi-Rez Studios works on a beginner series on the official Paladins YouTube Channel in which you can learn helpful tips about the Champions or gamemodes of Paladins!
The Community
The community of Paladins spreads over a number of different sites and places of the internet and you are more than welcome to join them! Join the PaladinsWorld Discord, the Paladins reddit, broadcast your awesome Paladins plays via Twitch or share your newest artwork of Cassie on Twitter to the community!

Reporting Griefing Players
Should you encounter griefing or toxic players within your matches, you are able to report them after the end of each match. Help keeping the community friendly and griefing-free by clicking on the rightmost “!” button behind the match information of the player you want to report on the match leaderboard in the end-section of your played matches.
Social Media
If you’re looking for the newest announcements, you should check out the Paladins Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites. You can also receive free skins by following the Paladins Social Media!

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