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Interview with Kanga’s Joshkent!

Interview with Kanga’s Joshkent!

This interview features thunder from down under! Today we will cover the Oceanic Region (OCE) and who better to represent it than the man, the myth and the legend himself; “Joshkent”. When i say he has a rich history i’m not exaggerating. Starting his successful competitive gaming career at the young age of 14 with CS Source, he is no stranger to other games.
His portfolio includes multiple online victories in CS and Dota 2 while even securing LAN victories in Overwatch and of course, Paladins. So without waiting any longer, here is TopGun Josh with his thoughts on community expectations, international regions, Australian treasure among other things!
PW: Before we start the spotlight, i would like to congratulate on starting your own Esports Organization; “Kanga Esports”. Would you care to explain a bit more on your latest venture?

JK:Kanga is a venture starting by Haydz and myself, with the intention of representing ourselves and using some of our skills we’ve learnt while competing in esports to help teams across a number of games. We wanted to stay true to begin with starting with only representing OCE in Hi-Rez games and launched in late February/early March starting with our paladins team featuring myself, Haydz, kronicx, joelz and DiGeDoG. We also have an Australian Smite team.

PW: You’ve already proven yourself to be a “Jack of all Trades”. What would you say your role in Kanga is?

JK: My role on Kanga is pretty involved. From a pure playing standpoint, I play all roles though have been tending to lean towards support more these days, however I’ve played support, tank and DPS in every tournament recently. From a team perspective I’m the primary in-game leader/shotcaller and a more dominating voice during games.
PW: Exactly what i mean! Finding your own Esports org, Team Leader and even showing proficiency in all of the champions! From the array of champions to choose from, who would say is your favourite?

JK: My favourite champion to play by far is Evie. The amount of room to outplay people and get high light reels is nuts! I pride myself on being a highly skilled mechanical player and Evie is the epitome of that.
PW: Would you say you have a favourite skill?

JK:My favourite skill would have to be the new poppy bomb with the legendary. I love being superman for a short period of time!
PW: Soaring onto the next question, Your team is officially the first and only non-eu team that have defeated the Burrito/Torepdo roster. On top of that you were also the only “foreign” region (No NA/EU) to make it to the semi finals.. What were your thoughts and expectations going into HRX and well, how do you feel now?

JK: There were very little expectations from the public for us going into HRX but I’ll tell you now where we placed was expected for us. We had been in America for about two weeks before HRX, and a lot of those practice nights were versing match point of which we sometimes scrimmed for up to five hours.

So after that going into the tournament we were pretty confident in at least coming top four. This was fueled even more by the fact that HiRez didn’t interview our team and made us wait for 8 hours for essentially nothing as all of the Europeans and Americans were interviewed in front of us. Not only that but we heard that the caster schedule for the semis etc actually had team names in them and obviously ours weren’t there. All in all we were super fueled to win some paladins! We feel pretty good now, we’re happy we made enough of an impact to the point OCE are being invited to the masters LAN and even smite as well which is awesome!

PW: The motivation to “stick it to the man” is very powerful (I should know). It must feel even better knowing that you gave the teams a run for their money and well, defy expectations! What do you think of the Oceanic “playstyle” compared to other regions?

JK: OCE playstyle in overall is similar to what I see in EU. It’s a passive pick-off play styles which is aimed at calculated attacks and targeting champions. There are definitely times for aggression but overall I’d definitely compare it more to EU than NA.
PW: On the same topic, would you like to highlight any international players or teams?

JK: In terms of personalities I liked from HRX, I’d have to go with spunkki from EU for sure! He’s funny as hell. From NA personality wise Bitey was a stand-out. It’s very welcoming being in another country and having someone so openly chatting and joking with you/tracking you down in your hotel to hang out.
Skill wise from NA kusqt was by far the best player, his impact in games is the most noticeable IMO. From EU I couldn’t really name anyone, the whole roster from 69 and burrito was awesome to verse. From a personal standpoint I felt D69 were harder to verse. Unfortunately for me Evie was very much in the meta and at the time I was the only evie player on the team so that’s pretty much all I played. Playing D69 was the hardest evie games I’ve ever played! They really covered each other and punished any positional errors, whereas some other teams I had free reign to do whatever.
PW: Putting Paladins aside for just a moment, you switched from Overwatch to Paladins just when OCE qualifiers were announced. Being in the unique position that you are, how different is the meta in each of the games and how was your initial adjustment?

JK: The meta in both games is obviously way different. We peaked in the 2/2/2 meta in overwatch but in paladins we’re adapting really well. We’re fortunate enough that we have two or three people that can play every champion on the world level which means we can pick anything we want which was not the case at HRX. Since then we’ve fixed all of our drafting shortcomings and looking forward to the masters LAN.
PW: I’ll ask you the most important question from this spotlight. Australian Treasure; Margot Robbie or Kylie Minogue?

JK: Margot Robbie… screw Kylie man have you seen the wolf of Wall Street?
From here on Josh wouldn’t reply to me. I didn’t even get to ask about starting a sister esports organisation called “Roo Esports”… Thank you to Josh for his time on the spotlight and thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i did writing it!
You can check out JoshKents twitter here and the Kanga Esports website here.

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