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The Carbon 6 Calamity

The Carbon 6 Calamity

The Carbon 6 Calamity

Right before the Masters LAN in Atlanta (Georgia) the top Paladins team “Burrito” was picked up by a relatively new organization called “Carbon 6”. A bad choice however as time would soon tell. Shortly after signing contracts with this promising organisation, things started to go south very fast. Here’s a quick recap of what happened during the last few weeks of the Carbon 6 Calamity.
What was once looking like a promising new esports organisation is now reduced to rubble after the events of the past weeks. A series of false claims, lies and deceit, Glaz (Owner of Carbon 6) was left exposed. Glaz claimed that he had a lot of investors and funds to make this organisation a successful one. He promised sponsorship, salaries and much more that were evidently just too good to be true. Because of this Carbon 6 managed to sign a plethora of teams and hired an insane amount of staff.
These legitimate people worked around to clock to make everything run like clockwork. One of the teams Glaz managed to reel in was ‘“Burrito”, theHi-Rez Expo Invitational champions. The contract included many amenities which included but not limited to “a monthly care package”.

It all went south after that. Right before the Masters LAN started, the players of Carbon 6 required team jerseys for event pictures. The Carbon 6 organisation didn’t care and they never received jerseys for the event. If it wasn’t for Akquire clothing helping them out they would never have had team jerseys for the Masters LAN, so big props to them (they even sent them for free!).
It didn’t take long for Carbon 6 to go under. They did try to save the sinking ship by merging with another esports organisation called “Most wanted esports” but ultimately failed. After the unsuccesful merge they shut down entirely.
Recently the Paladins roster of Carbon 6 have announced that they have renamed the team and are looking for new sponsor opportunities. The new team name of Carbon 6 you ask? Carbon Sux. Well, they’re not wrong.
EDIT: Carbon Sux just reported that ESL did not approve of the name change and have changed to SNEK instead. Here’s a sneak peek of their logo:

logo snek


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