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FearUs Wins the SEA Elite Series

FearUs Wins the SEA Elite Series

After 3 weeks of open brackets tournaments and a final play-off South East Asia crowned FearUs as their their new kings of the region, defeating Pavallione with a score of 3-1 in the grand finals.
In the first week of the qualifiers, FearUs bit the dust against the former best team of the region; Pavallione. While they looked strong on paper, FearUs lacked the team synergy and teamwork to win due to only having recently formed the team.
The second week was an entirely different story for the boys of FearUs. They finally clicked as a team and beat Pavallione with a swift 2-1 score in the finals.
Week three was the week of upsets on the SEA region. Pavallione dropped the ball against Sea Monsters in the semi-finals and had to fight Team King Dummy in the Bronze match. Sea Monsters looked very strong but they still lost to FearUs in the finals with a quick 2-0.
This was the end of the open bracket part in the Elite Series. The top 8 teams from the previous weeks moved on to the play-offs and faced off in a single elimination tournament. This is where FearUs defeated Pavillione and crowned themselves kings of the SEA region.

Here’s the full top 8 for the SEA Elite Series:
1st: FearUs
2nd: Pavallione
3rd: Sea Monsters
4th: King Dummy
5th-8th: DELTA
5th-8th: Sea Conquerors
5th-8th: TankOverLoad
5th-8th: Woohoo
9th: Sea Underworld
Congratulations to FearUs! With around 40+ unique teams in the SEA Elite Series, it is safe to say that this tournament was a success and we can’t wait for the next edition to start off.

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