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The Fate of Team AGG

The Fate of Team AGG

Team AGG (Apparitions Got Gaming) secured themselves a spot in the Master’s LAN in Atlanta, Georgia after their excellent Gauntlet performance. Team AGG was ecstatic and they had every reason to be. This was their chance to prove that AGG was also a part of the big North American powerhouses. Except it wasn’t a cinderella story for them at all.
After their disappointing defeat in the wildcard qualifiers, WASD Sports proceeded to the group stages while Team AGG was send back to their spectator seats. This was no doubt a huge blow to both the teams morale & confidence so it’s probably not that much of a surprise to know that they now officially disbanded.
“It’s just that we didn’t have synergy together and things happened” Said ElZulu, the Frontliner for Team AGG. Stating that the tough loss against WASD was most likely due to poor communication and distrust between team members. Perhaps they didn’t have enough time to actually build up synergy between team members due to the constant juggle of new players.
But this is only one side of the story. Rovaniik’s story was a little different. He seemed to take the loss personally and blamed his poor Bomb King performance of which he is usually known and feared for. “So we were all pretty upset about our performance at LAN. Me most of all because you know Bomb King was incredibly overpowered in patch 46″. Bomb King was indeed powerful on the patch that the Master’s LAN was played on (OB46). With a perfect pick rate of 100%, Bomb King was the champion that made and broke games. Rovaniik also stated that he does not want to play with JakeB and Elzulu anymore because he didn’t like the way they handled team communications and have contrasting playstyles. This again confirms that the team had some synergy and communication issues.
Now that the team disbanded, the players have started to look for new opportunities in the esports scene. Rovaniik, ElZulu and PrinceDanny are all looking for new teams to flex their muscles in. Although Danny is rumored to already have found a home with some old timers of the paladins esports club. Danny is not alone in this matter. J3ubbleboy is also trying out for a powerhouse in the North American region. Stay tuned for more info on that!

The organisation owner Brandon Spearman said that it’s all just “Drama, drama and more drama”. We’re still unsure if he’s looking to pick up another Paladins team after this as most top teams already have big organisations behind them, but it’s also possible to see some fresh talent in the near future. Only time will tell.

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