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Mutustiina joins WASD sports

Mutustiina joins WASD sports

Mutustiina surprised thousands of Master’s LAN viewers with his incredible performance as a sub for WASD sports. Coming in as the sub, Mutustiina knew he had big shoes to fill if he wanted to make his region proud. With that being said, he did nothing but that.
Mutustiina played for WASD sports against very tough contenders from all over the world, but he really grabbed everyone’s attention with his sick play against Astral Authority’s very own Kusqt (which can be found in this post).
After making this outstanding play, people started realizing he was a huge force to be reckoned with. “He did pretty well, he was great on Drogoz especially.” said SNEK’s Bird, formally known as Burrito Bird. When he got back home, he started practicing with WASD sports and realized he wanted to play for the main roster. Soon after that, WASD sports made the exciting announcement that they were picking up Mutustiina.

With him joining the team, someone from the main roster would have to move down to a sub position. This person was none other than Skillganon. Skillganon didn’t want to be sub since he wanted to play in tournaments so he left WASD sports and is now looking for a new team.
I present to you; the new WASD sports roster:

  • Spunkki
  • Creativs2
  • Kamyker
  • Mutustiina

With Mutustiina on the team, the future looks very bright for WASD sports!

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