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Bird’s OB48 Tierlist

Bird’s OB48 Tierlist

The release of OB48 introduced some buffs and nerfs for certain champions, so we thought; Why not ask the opinion of our good friend Bird from SNEK to see what he thinks about the most recent balance changes in paladins. The following tierlist is based on Bird’s personal opinion.
In the tierlists I create I like to have structure that means something more than just a name. Each tier has a specific description that I like to follow in my head when placing each champion. The tierlist ranges from SS-tier all the way down to C-tier. The tiers go by the follow definitions:
SS: Most overpowered Champion in the game, ever. The champion is so broken it should be banned from tournament play until nerfed.
Currently no champions in the SS Tier.
S+: Champions in S+ -tier are overpowered and until nerfed should be first picked every game.
Currently no champions in the SS Tier.
S: S-tier champions are incredibly strong and should be picked as early as possible. These picks are highly influential and are generally considered to be able to carry a game.
In OB48 Bomb King and Makoa can both be considered S-tier due to how well they fill their role. Both of these champions can influence the game enough to substantially increase your chances of winning and in a worst-case scenario (on a bad map or against a lot of counters) still perform to their expected level.
A+: Strong champions that can be picked at any point throughout the draft-phase. These champions can usually outweigh other options in their role and have few-limited counters.
A good example of A+ -tier is Mal’Damba and Ying, who both are going to be in the large majority of team compositions and fill their role well. They can be picked at any point in the draft and have no particular hard counters. Both of these two champions allow teams to control the draft-phase depending on when you pick them and on top of that greatly increase your chances in-game as well.
A: The “good” category. Champions in A-tier are able to be picked up towards the end of the draft and fill their role well. Often times these champions have counters but they can be picked into the majority of team comps and maps.
Buck is an excellent example of an A-tier champion. He can be picked into many compositions and played on any map. However picking him early on could be detrimental to his success. While he isn’t particularly flexible he does well in situations where you would expect him to. If another champion from the A-tier isn’t available or un-compatible with the rest of the draft phase then you can count on Buck.
B+: Champions in B+ can be played but suffer on certain maps or against certain team compositions. Generally these champions won’t be picked until later in the draft to counter certain comps.
Kinessa a B+ champion. While she can be played on any map, with and against any team composition; she’ll only excel at a few. It’s hard to justify picking Kinessa into certain situations, but when you do decide to, she is excellent at filling that role. She can absolutely demolish a team when played and PICKED correctly. However, she will suffer majorly when picked into bad situations.
B: B-tier is for champions that rely on very specific circumstances to be played. While team compositions with these champions can be executed well, they’re entirely dependent on setting up specific drafts to make it work.
A champion like Grover fits into the B-tier due his playstyle. Unfortunately Grover is very limited in how he is played and can only really do one or two things. If you’re looking to play him then you’re likely going to have to set up a very specific team composition in order to pull it off – thus making it somewhat of a pocket strategy.
C: Champions that are entirely out of meta, and would be a hindrance to your team to play.
Don’t play these champs and expect to win.

Would you rather watch Bird go through the entire thought process behind this tierlist? Here’s the video:

You can find Bird on:

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