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New Team Prepares to IMPACT

New Team Prepares to IMPACT


There’s a term for an event known as “The Roster Apocalypse” that seems to exclusively happen in North America. When this happens, a lot of players become Free Agents because of the amount of teams disbanding because of “team problems.”

Players from other regions claim this only occurs for North American teams because of their lack of dedication to stay to a team even through hard times. So because of this “Roster Apocalypse”, the team IMPACT was born.


IMPACT is made up ofPowTech ,Nveeus, Elzulu, Acidz, and PrinceDannyTV. This team separates itself from most of the new formed teams because of their roster. All players of IMPACT are top tier veteran players who have been around for a long time. Obviously, this catches the attention of all Paladins Esports enthusiasts. We reached out to IMPACT to find out how they feel about their roster:  “I think this team has lots of potential and will have the other teams worried. That being said with practice and effort being put in we will be looking to take that #1 spot.” said IMPACT’s PrinceDannyTV formerly known as AGG PrinceDannyTV.


We also asked Danny how IMPACT came to be:

“The credits of making this roster have to go to PowTech. We looked at players with the highest potential and that are not yet at their peak, players that can compete at the top level and can still improve. We first started with Nveeus and, hell, he’s a beast. He’s really someone I need, someone I can trust to frag by my side. Next we looked at a tank player and powtech really wanted to try Elzulu. […]”


“We needed a strong blaster and Ac1dz  performed lights out in tryouts, he also played well with Nveeus since they both came from Vertu. Last but not least, I had to make my final decision about myself. I tried out for many teams and learned a lot from AGG, so I knew exactly what I wanted. Yesterday, I made the decision and we became official, I went with the name “IMPACT” because we will have a huge one on Paladins!”



With these responses provided, it made us even more excited to see what IMPACT has in store for us. It’s great to see new teams coming into the scene formed by old players who can still bring top tier talent to the table!

Adam "Inch" Jones is the newest writer and regional reporter for PaladinsWorld.

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