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Team Eager drops organisation and joins Denial Esports

Team Eager drops organisation and joins Denial Esports

With the roster of Team Eager announcing their separation from the organisation and joining Denial Esports, we have prepared a post to get you up to date with everything that happened so far.



We’re beginning with the first ever roster of Denial Esports, which was called HoldM1 when they first started playing in the Paladins World Pre-Season Tournament!
It consisted of Cookie, Shadeeyshades, Melkor, Awry and Chumpettie. By the time the first LAN (Dreamhack Summer 2016) was announced in December 2015, Melkor had been burning out and therefore parted ways with HoldM1. Under the leadership of Cookie, we saw the addition of Bitey, who had been playing for Team Bully prior to joining HoldM1. Little did anyone know at the time that this would be one of the most important roster pickups for the whole team.
Shortly after the addition of Bitey, Chumpettie was replaced by Reptile as he was getting busier and busier with real life commitments.


This roster (Cookie, Shadeeyshades, Bitey, Awry and Reptile) would then go on and compete in all of tournaments in the run up to the Dreamhack Qualifiers, winning most of the tournaments on that side of the pond. Or should we say “clown fiesta”? Just before the beginning of the qualifiers, they were picked up by Team Eager, even though they had offers from several others. Before the beginning of the dreamhack 2016 qualifiers, Team Kungarna were considered as the best NA team with Team Eager being considered second best. This would however be tested during the qualifiers.


The months leading up to Dreamhack 2016 Qualifiers, Paladins was going through rapid iterations and a lot of teams struggles to keep up with this. Among a plethora of mechanic changes and new champions, it wasn’t a fairy tale ending for Team Eager. They lost to Warpath Gaming in the earlier rounds. A team that included Stolzey at the time.
As you can imagine, it’s never easy going from being the favorites to not qualifying at all. Cookie found a new job, marking the end of his competitive journey. Awry and Shades took a break to play other games and finally, Reptile also drifted away to finish his chiropractic courses. Leaving Bitey all on his own, but he was not going to give up this easy.


Eager kept on Bitey and gave him permission to make a brand new roster. Marking the beginning of Eager 2.0.
After having a bunch of subs for quite some time, a somewhat stable roster was established last summer with Kami0889, Z1unknown, JakeB, and W1fl. Even though the core lineup stayed the same, they had various different subs at the same time as well.

After deciding that staying number two was just not an option anymore, Bitey reached out to both Awry and Shades. This however meant that one member from the current roster would have to be axed. During the same time Kami0889 had been amassing a lot of people on both his Twitch and Youtube and moved to the substitute role. The Eager roster would now consist of:
Z1unknown, Awry, Shadeeyshades, W1fl, and Bitey.


Eager’s new roster was very closely matched with their main competitor; Matchpoint (rebranded Warpath Gaming) but during post HRX something unthinkable happened. Matchpoint imploded even though they had been #1 seed for NA for two consecutive seasons. Coincidentally Z1unknown had been showing signs of wanting to take a break from the competitive scene. With this new development, it opened up players that were previously not available now. Before Bitey could start to draft possible team members, he was approached by Stolzey wanting to join Eager. This leads us up to the present day.



And so, after the Master’s LAN, the roster of Eager decided to part ways with their organisation and announced that they were joining Denial Esports. Denial Esports will be playing with the following very promising roster consisting of some very well known all star players:

  • Bitey
  • Awry
  • Shades
  • W1fl  
  • Stolzey

We’re curious to see what the future will bring for Denial Esports as they start off in the Open Qualifiers for DreamHack Valencia 2017 just tomorrow.

Imrose is a content creator for Paladins, being most active on his YouTube Channel "NinjaBoffin".

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