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Wolves Esports Picked Up By Burrito Esports

Wolves Esports Picked Up By Burrito Esports

Yet another team has been signed to an organisation. This time around Wolves Esports managed to grab the attention of Burrito Esports. A name which we came to know as the winners of the Hi-Rez Expo 2017 tournament. Will Wolves bring the same success as the previous Paladins roster of Burrito? Only time will tell.



After their success at the Hi-Rez Expo, Burrito‘s roster decided to part ways with the organisation and joined Carbon 6, leaving Burrito with no Paladins roster for the time being. Until today. Burrito just announced that they have picked up a new roster previously known as Wolves Esports. A well known name in the European esports scene with plenty of experience under the belt. The pick up by Burrito comes right after the first week of the Paladins Open Qualifiers where Wolves Esports placed fourth in the weekly standings, right below WASD Sports with 25 points.
New Burrito Roster:

  • Simsiloo (Sleeppyy: “Simsiloo worst Pip”)
  • Kowa
  • NTBees
  • Slashwhine
  • Sleeppyy (captain)
  • MadAang (substitute)


After talking to Burrito’s brand new captain Sleeppyy and asking for the reason why they joined Burrito, he told us: Burrito offered us an excellent deal. Burrito is a well-known name in the Paladins esports scene, obviously being most known for winning the first Paladins Invitational at HRX 2017 and being able to claim themselves as World Champions. When they contacted us about joining their organization we were immediately interested and we quickly came to an agreement.”.
He then continued saying “Everyone on the team is very excited to play for Burrito. I remember watching the finals of HRX 2017 between District 69 and Burrito. I was cheering for District 69 myself as I liked them more than Burrito. Even though Burrito won I wasn’t even a tiny bit disappointed because the finals were excellent. I hope we can do the same with more practice; my goal is to go to HRX 2018 and potentially win it all bearing the Burritos name.”

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