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Road to Dreamhack Recap: Week 1

Road to Dreamhack Recap: Week 1

The first edition of the Summer Premier Qualifiers kicked off this week. The first week featured an Open Bracket for Europe, North America & Southeast Asia in which teams fight for a spot at the Dreamhack Valencia LAN in Spain.
In the semi-finals, we saw District 69 go up against Wolves Esports (Now known as Burrito Esports, more about that here) while at the other side of the brackets, we had SNEK go up against WASD Sports. District 69 won their match with a swift 3-0. SNEK on the other hand had some more issues defeating WASD Sports but won with a convincing 3-1 in the end.
While both SNEK and District 69 are well seasoned teams, SNEK didn’t stand a chance in the Finals and went down with a staggering 3-0. District 69 wins the first edition of the European Open Bracket Qualifiers and takes the lead on the leaderboards.

RankTeam NameWinsLosses%Points
1District 6940100,00%100
3WASD Sports3175,00%40
4Wolves Esports2250,00%25

North America:
For the North American semi-finals, we had Astral Authority go up against Spooky. Meanwhile, IMPACT went up against IWWA. Since Spooky changed their roster recently, it was no surprise that Astral Authority took an easy win over them with a 3-0 score.  IMPACT took the win over IWWA with a 3 to 0 as well.
In the finals, Astral Authority took down IMPACT with a 3-0 score. Astral Authority wins the first edition of the North American Open Bracket Qualifiers and takes the lead on the leaderboards.

RankTeam NameWinsLosses%Points
1Astral Authority40100,00%100

Southeast Asia:
This week was the only Open Bracket Qualifier weekend for Southeast Asia. The top 4 teams will take on the other four invited teams in a play-off format to determine who’s taking the LAN spot at Dreamhack Valencia. These are the 4 invited teams:

  • Pavallione
  • Sea Monsters
  • King Dummy

The winning teams of the Open Bracket Qualifiers are:

  • TNC Pro Team (1st)
  • 415 (2nd)
  • FearUs (3rd)
  • TWINS (4th)

With all this in mind, here are the brackets for the Qualifiers on next Friday:

Check in next week to see updated results for all regions!

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