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Paladins South East Asia Player Of The Month

Paladins South East Asia Player Of The Month

The South East Asia Paladins scene now has its first champion team: FearUS. It’s a team composed of different races bonded together playing one game with only one objective, dominating the competition. They will be representing South East Asia in the Paladins Summer Premier at DreamHack Valencia in Spain where a prize pool of $100,000 is at stake.


Today we feature a member of team FearUs. A person who strikes fear into the eyes of his enemies, especially when throwing bomb after bomb while playing his signature Bomb King. Let’s get to know the person behind the nickname: RestrictedGOD.
Yesterday we were visited by a shy and modest gamer here at the Elite office. When seeing this player in person you would never have imagined that this is the same man that wreaked havoc on a number of players just a few days ago during the South East Asia Paladins championships. We were honored to be able to sit with him as he discussed some information that pertains to his gaming and talked about his personal life.



(Restricted God with JBlaze)

Why don’t you start off by introducing yourself?
“My name is Jerry B. Comia Jr. AKA RestrictedGOD. A Filipino member of team FearUs playing in the Southeast Asia Paladins esports scene.”
What is the story behind your In-Game Name (IGN)?
“It started from my old MOBA team called Restricted and one of my teammates suggested that the name would sound more badass if I added God in it. sEnding up with the name: RestrictedGOD.”
Do you play any other games?
“For the time being I only play Paladins but in the past I played a few MMORPGs, MOBAs and of course FPS games.”
How long have you been playing games?
“I was a gamer at a very young age. I started with the Nintendo Family computer but competitively I have been playing for 7 years now. I started playing Paladins sometime around the first week of December 2016, loved it ever since and I still love it to this day (smiles).”
What made you like the game? What made it stand out amongst the rest?
“I would say because the game is friendly and easy to play especially for new players. If you have some experience with FPS games you are pretty much set.”
How did you become a member of FearUS?
“After two weeks of playing Paladins – Velgor – our captain messaged me asking ‘Are you interested in joining a pro team?’ so I answered him ‘Well, I’m a beginner but I will try it.’ And that’s how it all began. I’ve been playing with the team ever since.”
What role do you play in your team?
“I don’t have a specific role. I play different positions depending on the opportunity presented within the team. Sometimes my role is as damage, sometimes support but usually I prefer to play as damage or flank.”

(Faces of FearUS)

Most memorable moment with your team?
“When we won the Southeast Asia Elite Series! It was our first win as a team and the fact that it was such a close match makes it even more memorable.”
What do you do before a tournament/match? Any pre-game rituals?
“Nothing special. We usually just tell each other to take it easy and to enjoy the match. It’s only a game after all.”
Who is your favorite champion? Any tips on playing that champion?
“Bomb King! My main tip would be to make sure you utilize your poppy bombs properly because it is essential for that character. The next big thing is to hit your attacks obviously.”



(Bomb King)

Who do you consider your team’s rival and why?
“Team Pavallione from Indonesia. They were the biggest threat to our team in South East Asia. We met them again during the finals of the SEA Paladins Dreamhack Qualifiers, it was pretty intense.”
How did your parents react when you told them you will be going to Dreamhack Valencia to represent your region?
“They knew about my life as a gamer so when I told them about going to Dreamhack Valencia it wasn’t a big surprise. I used to be in culinary school but I gave that up when I joined my MOBA team. My parents are happy for me and congratulated me for the victory.”
Give us one word to describe each of your teammates?
KingMoecchi – “Celebrity”
Myuji – “Best friend”
Agnical – “Jarjit”
TheMyth – “Quiet”
FeezleFeez – “Baby”
Farell – “Drogoz”
Vulgor – “Captain”
What do you feel are your chances on Dreamhack? Any particular teams you want to face there?
“Depends on the bracket we draw but if it was by point system I think we would have a bigger chance. That’s why I don’t think we are ready for this right now, we will try our best nonetheless. I would like us to face Kanga and also teams from China or Brazil because they are also underdog teams.”



What do you do when you’re not playing Paladins?
“Playing games or watching YouTube.”
How do you spend your weekends?
“Practicing and scrims (scrimmage matches)”
Hobbies? sports? food?
“I like to travel as often as I can and I like to cook steaks, they’re delicious!”



(Health is wealth)

Do you have a significant other? Does he/she support your gaming career?
“Yes, I do have significant other and she’s very supportive.”
What’s your favorite movie?
“I like watching Anime like Dragon Ball and Korean drama like “Koe No Katachi.”

(I don’t like taking selfies)

Any message that you have for all your fans out there?
“Thank you for supporting our team and for making us laugh in our Discord server. Stay strong and keep on supporting us.”



We wish RestrictedGOD and his team FearUS the best of luck as they go on to represent the whole Southeast Asian Region against the best Paladins teams in the world at Dreamhack Valencia in Spain this July of 2017.
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