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Transitioning Into Paladins Esports

Transitioning Into Paladins Esports

Great news for PaladinsWorld and the Paladins Esports scene! Starting from today on, PaladinsWorld will be the official Hi-Rez Studios Esports website for Paladins: Champions of the Realm.


From tournament info to Esports news – one website for all your conveniences. PaladinsWorld will also be accessible via the URI Don’t worry! Everything you love about PaladinsWorld stays the same.


Let us dive into the past and see how much PaladinsWorld changed over the (almost) two years of its existence.



August 2015: It all started out with Dave aka. Onylight hopping on the hype train of the at the time just announced Paladins: Champions of the Realm. This is the birthdate of the first community driven Paladins website – PaladinsWorld. Within the first weeks, Hi-Rez Studios became aware of our passionate coverage and offered us the opportunity to host the first ever Paladins Esports events. 




Since then, PaladinsWorld was the host of several competitive Paladins events and guided the first professional players into the scene. We are extremely happy to see that some of our early participants continued fighting for the great titles of the competitive Realm and can’t wish for anything more than seeing the scene grow and expand as it did in 2015 and 2016.




In the meantime, we got more and more involved with everything Paladins and really became a PaladinsWorld. During all of this, we revamped with a more fitting design in September 2016. While we remained our interest in delivering community content, we shifted our focus on covering the main Paladins esports events in late 2016 and 2017.


With the simultaneous release of Paladins on Steam, we noticed the steadily increasing interest of Paladins players into the competitive scene. We realized that our previous revamp did not fulfill our needs to report over the esports scene as it deserves to be. With our website re-design in early 2017, we introduced regional reporters to cover more local events as well as a complete shift to competitive news only.



This brings us to the present day: Transforming PaladinsWorld into Paladins Esports. This change means the world to the team, it represents the stunning range of the Paladins Competitive scene, the interest of the players into a fast-growing Paladins esports scene as well as the wish of the industry to improve the experience all around Paladins esports. In the name of the entire PaladinsWorld crew we’d like to thank everyone for their continious support and love. We couldn’t have done it without you!

PaladinsWorld Head Editor & Website Administrator. I always end up being a Jack of All Trades. 18 years old, German roots.

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