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The First Console Wars Qualifiers Winners

The First Console Wars Qualifiers Winners

One weekend, 180 teams, but only 4 winners. After an entire weekend of exciting tournament plays we have our first ever Console Wars Qualifiers winners. On the XBOX side, Grumpy boys took the win in Europe and Ambition in North-America. On the PS4 platform, SaucySailors triumphed in Europe while Invigorate Gaming grabbed the first place in North-America.
Winning the first ever official console tournament week places these four teams right in the hall of fame, next to famous PC powerhouses who were already competing and winning tournaments way back in 2015. But there is still a whole lot left to prove for these teams since the Console Wars Qualifiers are far from over. For the following four weeks, console players will battle it out for a chance to play at the DreamHack Valencia and win a share of the 50,000 USD prize pool.
We asked the team captains some questions so we could get to know them better.


Grumpy Boys
Team Captain: WELSHMANIA
How did you end up playing in Console Wars?
“We wanted to play in the tournament because we knew if we put in the time and the effort we could make it to DreamHack and at the moment we are on track to do just that.”
“We also want to compete at the highest level and prove that we are the best team in Europe. This tournament allows us to do that.”

How do you plan on keeping your number one spot in the standings?
“We plan to do this by getting as much practice together as we can. We’re also looking back at VODs to better understand what aspect of the game we can improve on. Currently We’re in the process of getting a coach from a PC team as we believe the additional experience of the game and knowledge would greatly increase our chance of not just maintaining the number one spot but also winning the Console Wars all together.”


Team Captain: Shoo
What made you play in the tournament?
“We have been playing since the beginning of the game, all of us came from other games. Woosh was a battlefield pro, Zoom was a Rainbow 6 pro, I was a a competitive SMITE player, Wxnderful and Skeppii both hold multiple tourney wins on Overwatch.”
How did you end up with your team?
“We all met playing Overwatch. We all started playing paladins for fun but realized together we could be a great team. Just a bunch of old friends from a game we all played competitively in the past.”
How do you plan on keeping your number one spot in the standings?
“We plan to continue doing exactly what we’re doing. Business as usual. Daily scrims and strategizing till 2 a.m. while we kick it back in some ranked games. We plan to go to Spain.”


Invigorate Gaming
Team Captain: So12rovv

What made you play in the tournament?
“I played in the tournament with the intention of trying out a new competitive scene. I always find them to be fun.”
How did you end up with your team?
“I was a part of EphyG prior to them being called that. I didn’t mesh with the group so I left and start a new roster. A few roster changes later and well, here we are.”
How do you plan on keeping your number one spot in the standings?
“Keeping number one will be difficult since a lot of teams after this Sunday will be gunning for us. I think it’s mostly going to boil down to who’s got a better drafting.”

Team Captain: SwiperThe1
What made you play in the tournament?
“What originally made us play Paladins was the announcement of a 25,000 USD tournament. We heard the game was very similar to overwatch, which is a game we are very good at, in fact we were ranked between 1 and 6 in the world on PS4.”
How did you end up with your team?
“Naturally I asked my old Overwatch team if they were interested. At first everyone refused to play because they said it was a rip-off of Overwatch but I kept telling them it was different, sadly no one listened. After trying out some teams and not finding a decent one I finally managed to get my Overwatch friends aboard and we made SausySailors.”
How do you plan on keeping the number one spot in the standings?
“We plan on keeping number one by learning every single day. We won this weekend with little to no game knowledge so if we dedicate ourselves to learning the game properly we can possibly win the series.”


You can find the latest standings on Paladins Esports by going to the standings tab in the menu.
Do you want to participate in the Console Wars Qualifiers and try your luck against the winners? You can! For the next four weeks everyone that has a team of five is able to participate. For more info click here.

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