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Destination Valencia: Premier Qualifiers Week 1

Destination Valencia: Premier Qualifiers Week 1

Four teams in North America and Europe now remain in contention for Dreamhack Valencia. Four more weeks of qualifiers will narrow those numbers down to two and stamp a pair of tickets to Spain!



GankStars, formerly known as 50 shades of Snek, kicked off the premier qualifiers against WASD. GankStars took the series to Frog Isle first, leading with their best foot forward. Team will be giving 110% in these games to clinch their spot for Dreamhack as early as possible. GankStars showed no mercy and took the set 2-0.


GankStars would have a double header, up against Flash Point next. It was back to Frog Isle for game 1, with almost the exact same drafts as we saw in the previous series! The difference this time around was Cybe8 on Kinessa. Fisheko should be credited for his effors to peel and create space for Cybe8 to work, however, it wasn’t quite enough in the end and GankStars were still able to find the win despite being down 3-1. Another strong performance on Jaguar Falls led GankStars to their second win on the day and would keep their record a perfect 2-0.


Flash Point would have their work cut out for them, as their next opponent wouldn’t be any easier for them to defeat. District 69 have a pace to keep as their rival, GankStars, have already set the bar going undefeated in their double header. D69 went to their strongest map, stone keep, and brought out a triple frontline composition, forcing Flash Point into an awkward spot. Flash Point responded with an appropriate draft, but they didn’t seem confident in the way they needed to play the game and fell 4-0 in game 1, and again 4-0’d in game 2. D69 would come away with a cleaner win over flash point than GankStars did, so take that for what you will heading into their matchup this weekend.


North America

It would be a title fight right out of the gate in North America, Denial vs Team Cryptic (formerly Odin’s Chosen/Astral Authority) Game 1 would be played on Fish Market. Denial drafted a ying, who we haven’t seen in weeks since she was nerfed, and seris buffed. Denial started on the strong , going up 2-0, but Cryptic ground their way back to a 4-3 win in game 1. Cryptic would go on to find a blazing 4-0 victory in game 2.


Team Cryptic had a double header in front of them, now against swarm, the rookies of the scene. Swarm’s champion pool, and roster would be tested. Vandy, the lead dog who played androxus for the squad, helping them qualify would no longer be playing with them. Cryptic first picked away Randomnoob’s drogoz, and would demand something different from the squad. Randomnoob played an exceptional Bomb King during the set, proving Drogoz isn’t his only champion. Swarm showed promise for sure, but they still have a ways to go before they take wins off of First seed, Team Cryptic. Cryptic would take back to back 4-0s in the set and find their second win on the day.


Swarm would have one more chance to find a win on the day, this time against Dare Rising. In game 1 on Frog Isle, Dare Rising would try to take away both Drogoz and Bomb King. But again, Randomnoob proved to everyone there’s more to him than meets the eye. He played Kinessa to great effect, and going all in to counter him proved to be a mistake. The rest of swarm, FIYR in particular stepped up, filling the shoes of Vandy on Androxus. Swarm snuck out a late conversion and found the win 4-2. Game 2’s draft looked a little wonky compared to what we’re used to with picks like: Sha Lin, Fernando, Buck. everyone looked like they were trying to get on a comfort pick and forget about what the top teams were drafting. It came down to a 3-3 scenario, both teams looking really strong on what they drafted, but swarm would squeak out another win 4-3.



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