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GankStars Qualifies For DreamHack Console Wars

GankStars Qualifies For DreamHack Console Wars

After only three weeks of Console Wars Qualifiers on XBOX, the European GankStars have secured themselves a spot in the DreamHack Console Wars. GankStars will be representing the European XBOX scene in Valencia and fight for their share of the 50,000 USD prize pool.


Three weeks of crushing the competition was all that was needed for GankStars, who were formerly known as Grumpy boys, to secure themselves a spot in the DreamHack Console Wars. GankStars obliterated the opposition, leaving the second and third team on the standings behind with a staggering 200 points. With only two weeks remaining, it’s impossible for these teams to come back and overtake GankStars. This standing combined with a perfect track record of ten wins and zero losses over three weeks of competition, GankStars are looking to do the same thing as Torpedo did back in the Pre-Season Tournament days of the PC esports scene.


GankStars Roster:


Although GankStars are already qualified, the competitions in the DreamHack Qualifiers are far from over. There are still crystals up for grabs for the top four teams of each tournament.


Crystal prizings are as follows:

  • 1st: 800 crystals per player
  • 2nd: 600 crystals per player
  • 3rd: 400 crystals per player
  • 4th: 400 crystals per player


Want to watch the Console Wars Qualifiers live? Tune in every weekend over at to see all your favorite Console Wars teams in action. Want to participate? Go to to find out how.

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