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Halfway Home! Premier Qualifiers Week 2

Halfway Home! Premier Qualifiers Week 2

With only two weeks left of qualifiers left, crunch time is fast approaching as teams look to set themselves above the pack.



The first matchup was set to be the biggest, and most important for the day. GankStars vs District 69, the 1st seed vs the 2nd seed. While These are the two teams I expect to qualify for Dreamhack, every matchup is important for seedings sake. Game one on Frog Isle, GankStars took a risk picking up a kinessa instead of what likely would have been a Drogoz. D69 however, simply countered the kinessa with Perdo’s Buck instead of his Androxus. D69 took the first game 4-0. It was District 69 who took a risk in game 2, with triple frontliners: Fernando, Inara, and Ruckus, and took a turn getting 4-0’d. Game 3, no real risks were taken in the draft. As a result, we were in a 3-3 situation with GankStars finding the Payload conversion to take the game and the set 2-1.


District 69 are now 1-1 in their Premier Qualifiers run, with Gankstars sitting at 3-0, D69 have their work cut out for them. Despite their heartbreaking loss, District 69 moved through their next set damn near flawlessly. They 4-0’d WASD Sports in game 1, who took a risk in drafting Willo. The next game didn’t go all that much better for WASD Sports losing 4-1. District 69 will sit at 2 wins and 1 loss total and sit for the day


The bottom two teams of the litter, WASD Sports  and Flash Point would go head to head in the last series of the day. WASD Sports have traditionally been the more dominant team in this matchup. Game 1 would prove to be no different, with WASD taking a convincing win. In game 2 WASD drafted what is becoming their signature, Willo, as well as 3 tanks! This game was much closer. Despite Cybe8 scoring a penta kill off the back of a Barrage/Convergence wombo combo, WASD Sports found the win and took the set 2-0


Standings in Europe after Week 2:

GankStars: 3-0

District69: 2-1

WASD Sports: 1-2

Flash Point: 0-3



North America

Most of the NA games this weekend were high seed vs low seeds, we saw mostly dominant performances from our top dogs.


In the first set of the day, Dare Rising looked to test their mettle against the #1 team in NA, Team Cryptik. Dare Rising came out swinging with something a little different in game one on Brightmarsh. They drafted three tanks, one being Ash, the newest champion to enter the fray. While it was good to see her, it would’ve been more exciting to see Ash get a win. We’ll have to keep hoping however, as Team Cryptik took the game 4-0. Cryptik met some resistance, albeit not much on Ice mines. They took game 2 with the help of Doesupz infamous Tyra, 4 points to one.


Dare Rising would have to move on to face Denial in their double header. Dare Rising would meet no mercy at the hands of the wolf pack, getting 4-0d in the first game. For me, Dare’s biggest issue wasn’t so much their draft as it was a failure to find big value with their ultimates. Dominance continued into game 2, with 20+ streaks, Denial defeated Dare Rising flawlessly 2-0.


The final matchup for the weekend pitted swarm against Denial. Swarm have given Denial some good competition in the past, so I was looking forward to this being the most competitive match of the day. This was also likely Swarm’s best chance to steal a game from a higher seeded squad and have a real shot at making top 2 and qualify. Denial are just as hungry for their spot at Dreamhack Valencia, taking the first game firmly with a 4-2 scoreline. The next map would be played on Frozen Guard, where Dreiss could pull out his signature Sha Lin. Denial struggled on this map against Swarm in the Open Qualifiers, but a new variable seemed to swing things in their favor. PrinceDanny’s Evie was MUCH improved from what we had previously seen from him. Denial put down Swarm 4-0 and completed their sweep for the day, not dropping a single game and ending up 2-1 on the standings.


The Standings in North America after Week 2:

Team Cryptik: 3-0

Denial Esports: 2-1

Swarm: 1-2

Dare Rising: 0-3

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