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PaladinsWorld kicks off Console Broadcast with a bang!

PaladinsWorld kicks off Console Broadcast with a bang!

Champions, with the Console Wars qualifying path to DreamHack Valencia steadily underway, this past weekend it was the utmost pleasure of PaladinsWorld to be able to bring you through the newly available Console Spectator mode your first detailed look at competitive Console Paladins play!


In addition to this, we’re thrilled to announce the addition of Crystal prizes to the weekly open bracket qualifier tournaments for both the European and North American regions, for both XB1 and PS4 independently featuring the following distribution:


  • 1st place: 800 Crystals per player
  • 2nd place: 600 Crystals per player
  • 3rd place: 400 Crystals per player
  • 4th place: 400 Crystals per player


This provides a whopping total weekly prize pool of 44,000 Crystals across both platforms in both regions in addition to the points accumulated towards the overall standings that will grant two teams from both Europe and North America a spot at the Console Wars tournament at DreamHack Valencia 2017! Teams that placed 1st through 4th in the first two weeks of the competition have received these prizes retroactively.



Xbox One

Due to technical limitations which have since been resolved we were unable to broadcast the Week 3 European XB1 Finals this week, and whilst we look forward to bringing you that action in the following weeks the games were over almost as quickly as they began! GankStars tore through the bracket undefeated, not dropping a single game this week and continuing their untouchable streak with the first place spot once again.


Playstation 4

The competition on PS4 was a whole different story however. The first and second seeds of SaucySailors and MobTown R2B swept their way through their respective sides of the brackets to clash head-to-head in an intense best of five series that went the full distance!


Jaguar Falls and Serpent Beach were the map bans for this set; interesting to see such long-term staples within the PC Paladins competitive scene, but Console Paladins has quickly established its own individual identity and with it come a whole host of not unusual, but different preferences and adaptations that help it become its own unique experience.


Game one started off on Frozen Guard, and perhaps a little wary of each other both teams found themselves evenly matched. A long drawn out game brought the battlefield to a 3-3 scoreline, but a beautiful Convergence into Dome Shield and Hexafire combo from MobTown’s Smutny-1221, a veteran PC player turned console, allowed MobTown to wipe their opponents off the map with ease and take an initial lead in the set.


Game two followed in suit on Frog Isle; SaucySailors pulled out their pocket strategy of Acrobatics Pip, augmented by Field Study Torvald and Hunting Party Tyra, the lack of bonus damage they would have otherwise gained from Pip’s Catalyst Legendary was far offset, and whilst their hyper-mobility and rapid ultimate charge proved difficult to deal with a highly effective counter was found in the form of xHYPoCRiSYx’s Totemic Ward Grohk providing valuable CC Immunity to MobTown. Reducing the efficacy of Pip’s Polymorph and flat out cancelling out Torvald’s Hyperbeam, SaucySailors struggled to find purchase on this map and fell 2-4 to MobTown, their strategy countered. Hard.


Two games up, it was off to Brightmarsh next, and it was clear that this time around SaucySailors on the map draft of their choice felt far more comfortable here that either of the previous maps. Both teams played aggressively, both managing to capture and convert for a 2-2 scoreline. MobTown took the third capture of the game, and SaucySailors almost found elimination here with a nail-biter of a defence a the cusp of conversion, barely able to stabilise due to their respawn proximity advantage before rebounding with immense velocity on the back of SwiperThe1‘s Acrobatics Pip which found crucial high value targets in MobTown’s backline alongside a game-winning three-Champion Evil Mojo that ultimately won the final objective of the game for SaucySailors.


Down, but not out; showing signs of life, SaucySailors had been looking at a reverse sweep to find success in this set, but with one victory to their name it was on Timber Mill in Game four that they cemented their comeback. MobTown R2B here demonstrated a specific lack of foresight in both their map and champion draft, selecting a map with extreme verticality and failing to draft Pip away from SaucySailors which once again was utilised by SwiperThe1 to set up a devastating crossfire with stormavatar’s Tyra turning Timber Mill into a bullet-hell game with damage from all angles that MobTown simply had no lategame answer to.


All tied up at last, the gruelling five game set reduced to one final map. Fish Market would be where both teams were to make their final stand in Week. MobTown this time took no chances, stealing away Pip from their opponents, but it just didn’t matter as Swiper pulled out The Godslayer for the first time this set. Relatively uncontested in the shortest game of this set, SaucySailors claimed victory and continued their undefeated streak within the European PS4 scene similarly to their XB1 counterparts.


North America

Playstation 4

It was Ps4 that were first up this time around on broadcast for North AmericaCoastal Mayhem vs Invigorate Gaming, again the first and second seeds in the region were up to play, and whilst Invigorate had previously displayed an impressive 10:1 win:loss ratio, Coastal Mayhem were driven to turn up the heat!


Serpent Beach and Timber Mill were banned out in this set, the Game one beginning on the sunny shores of Frog Isle. Once again, Totemic Ward Grohk seemed to be a keystone of success on this map; run by Coastal Mayhem’s KyleTheBunny with DreamHack Summer 2016 experience under their belt they provided an anchor for their team with sustain and peel. Ultimately however it was the combination of Grappleee‘s Reprieve Evie and Object1on’s Gunnery Viktor that drove Coastal Mayhem  to victory in Game one. Set them up from distance, then knock them down at closed range with Blink and Soar to close the gap. Unable to find an answer, Invigorate fell, and Coastal Mayhem went 1:0 up in the set.


Frozen Guard was the second map of choice, and following the initial success of CoMa‘s Evie pick, Invigorate elected to draft this for themselves. Whilst she was certainly at home within the frosty scenery of Glacier Keep, the counter-draft of Sha Lin and Makoa by CoMa proved to be a little too much for her to deal with. A close game initially, Invigorate almost found conversion on the second capture in Overtime, only losing out on the game advantage through a misstep, allowing the timer to elapse through a line of sight break from the payload. CoMa fought back, once again Object1on proving themselves to be a devastating impact player for the team on Firefight Viktor this time. Frag after frag, multikill after multikill, their damage was utterly uncontested and Coastal Mayhem were able to convert to a 4-2 win.


2:0 in the series, Coastal Mayhem were operating like a well oiled machine, and it was Jaguar Falls where Invigorate Gaming made their stand in an attempt to deny their opponents the sweep, but it was to no avail. 4-0 to CoMa, the number one team by the standings within the North American PS4 scene appears to have met a worth opponent!


Xbox One

Ambition and SetToDestroyX were this weeks finalists for XB1Timber Mill and Brightmarsh taken off the table, it was once again Frog Isle where this set’s journey began! Ambition, the top team by the standings initially found themselves blown away; 0-2 immediately as STDX came out of the base swinging, and whilst Ambition did demonstrate a fantastic Convergence combination from Shoo that caught five members of STDX in its grasp, they were unable to find more than one point on the scoreline and on the back of a crucial environmental kill from dN Dice’s Makoa onto Ambition’s Seris, STDX took Game one in their stride.


Jaguar Falls up next, Ambition once again took an early score deficit and nearly lost the initial payload defence, only saved by a phenomenal pentakill from Skeppii’s Firefight Viktor for the clutch stabilisation. Still, STDX were relentless, finding capture and conversion before Ambition were able to mount a comeback in the form of key Executions from KCAM on Lex. Able to take big bodies off the table immediately in fights, and combining perfectly with Seismic Crash setup, Ambition turned the tables on their opponents and tied the series up 1:1.


Fuelled by fire, or rather, stone on this map, Ice Mines was the next map to follow. Here Ambition seemed to find their footing, their utilisation of Treacherous Ground Inara notable in locking down the narrow chokepoints of this map and denying the otherwise tricky mobility of STDX’s Aerial Assault Ruckus. Wxnderful of Ambition demonstrated true mastery of The Stone Warden o this map through positioning and area denial and was able to help steer their team to victory, a part of 40 eliminations, the highest in this game!


Game four of the series likewise followed suit; from frost to snow it was off to Frozen Guard for the final battle. Ambition took a blisteringly fast victory here despite STDX’s 99 and 97% capture control. Offensive itemisation online before their opponents, Ambition simply had too much damage and sustain for their opponents to contend with. Ambition continued their reputation within the NA XB1 scene and remain devastating in all aspects of their gameplay.



PaladinsWorld is once again thrilled to be bringing Console Paladins broadcast to the realm at last! For more news and updates as to broadcast schedules and more be sure to follow @PaladinsWorld and @PaladinsPro on twitter!


If you’re interested in getting involved in the Console Paladins competitive scene, be sure to join the PaladinsWorld Partnered Discord Server where you can find out more information about ongoing tournaments, meet new players, and keep up to date with the latest news!


Fully updated standings for the Console Wars qualifiers can be found:

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