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Strictly Business Enters Paladins

Strictly Business Enters Paladins

Strictly Business has decided to dip their toes in the Paladins console esports scene by picking up the team previously known as Ambition, who are currently holding the top seed spot in the North-American XBOX Console Wars Qualifiers.




The pickup comes right after their third victory in a row during the Console Wars Qualifiers on XBOX, which they they won with style. During the past three tournaments Strictly Business has only dropped two games against their nemesis SetToDestroyX, but have never once lost a complete set. Effectively putting their win rate at 100%. While Strictly Business is leading on the standings with 300 points they have not yet qualified for the Console Wars in DreamHack Valencia. With SetToDestroyX right behind Strictly Business on the second place with 180 points, early elimination could still mean a goodbye to Valencia.


The Strictly Business roster:


Team captain Shoo took the time to answer some questions for us:


What made you choose for the Strictly Business organization over the other offers you had received?
“We chose Strictly Business simply because they came to us win the best offer. The CEO seemed to really want our team to be under the organization just as much as we wanted to be with them. It’s a great opportunity for everyone.”


You’ve been really successful in the Console Wars Qualifiers so far, what is in your opinion the key to success?
“There’s a lot that ties into the success of a team, but if I had to choose one key point it would have be the relationships you build with your teammates. At first I didn’t know anyone on my team personally. We have been teaming for almost 3 months and now these guys are some of my best friends. We all get along and have a great time while we play, whether it’s casuals, scrims or the tournaments there’s never a dull moment.”


If you make it to DreamHack, how will you and your team prepare?
“We’re already prepared for DreamHack. We will continue doing what we’ve been doing to get us this far.”
Do you fear any teams from the North-American XBOX or the PS4 scene in particular?
“We aren’t scared of any other teams. That being said there is a lot of talent on all of the top seeded teams across the regions and consoles. We are eager to see what the other teams have in store for Valencia.”
Want to watch Strictly Business play live? We broadcast the Console Wars Qualifiers every weekend on Do you want to participate in the Console Wars Qualifiers and potentially win crystals? Go to the tournaments tab here on PaladinsEsports and choose your console of choice.

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