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Player Spotlight: FIYR

Player Spotlight: FIYR

It wasn’t but a few weeks ago that Randomnoob was receiving his time in the spotlight. But every leader needs support and teammates to step up when they’ve clearly become the focus of the enemy’s game plan.


FIYR is the newest member to join the swarm, he has been swapped in for Vandy, who stepped down from playing competitively. Teams in week one were without a doubt targeting Randomnoob’s champion pool early in the draft. Dare Rising went so far as to pick Drogoz first and Bomb King second (Random’s priority picks). This type of draft tests Swarm, and forces someone else on the roster to step up. FIYR not only proved he could fill the shoes of the late, great, Vandy, but could step up when a team clearly drafts against their star player. FIYR played well in the Paladins AVGL collegiate finals, and should be a great addition to the team as Swarm look to progress their squad and start making a run at qualifying for LAN events!

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