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Player Spotlight: Mutustiina

Player Spotlight: Mutustiina

If you watched the Master’s LAN, you may know his face. If you’ve just begun watching Paladins esports, you may know his name. Put a revolver in his hand, and well, you know the rest.


Known for his raw precision above all else, Mutustiina was the substitute player for WASD Sports heading into the Master’s LAN. His outstanding performance left his team no choice, but to put him on the main roster after the show he put on! Recently Mutustiina seems to have been favoring Lex over Androxus, which brings a unique style to WASD’s overall playstyle. This is a big weekend for WASD. They’ll likely need to win out the rest of their games to have chance at Dreamhack Valencia. Give Mutustiina and WASD your energy this weekend in their double header this weekend at 2pm EST on Saturday on Twitch!


…Just don’t you DARE say his name 3 times in the mirror, lest you desire a one way trip to the shadow realm.

Assoc. Esports Producer for Hi-Rez Studios. Paladins Caster/Streamer! Youtube: Business: [email protected]

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