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One Dreamhack Spot Remains in NA/EU!

One Dreamhack Spot Remains in NA/EU!

Dominant records in weeks 1&2 meant we had some potential clinching scenarios for Dreamhack this weekend! Both top two seeds in each region were set up to hit the magic number, four wins and a spot at Dreamhack Valencia!




The GankStars and District69 would meet one final time in the first set of the day. This was District69’s last chance to stay in the running for 1st seed at Dreamhack Valencia. In Game 1 Gankstars not only brought out Ash, but they chose her as the third front liner in their draft! They looked confident in their Ash pick, taking it in both games against District 69. While hardfought, GankStars were able to continue their winning ways, taking the set 2-0, becoming the first team to secure their spot at Dreamhack!


District 69 continued their dominance over WASD Sports in the next set taking it 2-0 as they typically do. One major thing I saw District 69 do well in this set was efficient use of ultimates. So many times one ultimate was all District 69 needed to win a fight. Perhaps this is a factor of them being such a dominant roster without. But nonetheless it’s something lower seeds can look to improve on to help close the gap.


With the final set came the only upset we saw today, Flash Point, through solid drafting and solid play found their way on the scoreboard! Fisheko and Cybe8, main fraggers for Flash Point have been having solid performances, and continued to improve through this weekend. While close, both games went the way of Flash Point, 2-0 over WASD Sports.


Standings in Europe after Week 2:

GankStars: 4-0

District69: 3-2

Flash Point: 1-3

WASD Sports: 1-4



North America


The matchups in North America were the same as last week, and, to be honest, nothing really changed this weekend. Dominant sweeps in every set from Team Cryptik and Denial! Both teams secured their spots at Dreamhack Valencia this weekend! Week four will still be played out for the purposes of determining seeding at Dreamhack.


The Standings in North America after Week 2:

Team Cryptik: 4-0

Denial Esports: 4-1

Swarm: 1-3

Dare Rising: 0-5


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