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EU Sub-Pocalypse

EU Sub-Pocalypse

With just over two week left for Dreamhack Valenica, it’s fair to say that things are heating up (and we don’t just mean the Spanish Summer).


Teams will be flying soon to Valencia with a plus one; The Substitute. But when HiRez informed both European teams, Gankstars and District 69 that they can’t bring the subs they’ve chosen, to say they were surprised is an understatement.


Gankstars opted for Mutustiina and creativs2 (as Suncommander unfortunately can not attend the tournament)



District 69 wanted to bring on-board UNBELIVABLE, a player that has played with them before during the Invitationals. However this would not be possible because of roster locks that were introduced during the second week of the Summer Premier Qualifiers


“During week 2, team roster locking will occur. Any player who plays a single game with a team in week 2 is roster locked to that team until the end of the Summer Premier event at Dreamhack. If a sub for a team doesn’t play a game during roster locks, they may move to a different team freely until they play a single game during or after week 2 of the Paladins Summer Premier Qualifiers”



Mutustiina, creativs2 and UNBELIVABLE are all member of WASD which means that they can’t be substitutes for either qualified teams.
Some of the best plays we’ve seen on LAN were actually orchestrated by the subs. Bonkar for Burrito (Now Gankstars) in the Invitationals and Mutustiina for WASD during the master Qualifiers. Both players then went on to become permanent members of their respective teams.


When both Gankstars and District 69 announce their new substitutes, it will be interesting to say the least.

Imrose is a content creator for Paladins, being most active on his YouTube Channel "NinjaBoffin".

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