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GankStars Roster Changes To Stir Up The European Scene

GankStars Roster Changes To Stir Up The European Scene

After GankStar’s underwhelming performance during the DreamHack Summer Premier in Valencia, in which GankStars lost in the Semi-Finals versus the North-American Team CryptiK. GankStar’s Bird dropped some new details on a roster announcement that may be coming soon, and stir up the European Paladins esports scene.

Even though substitute Dialer did everything right during the DreamHack Summer Premier, the time of substitutes during a major LAN event is over. After struggling with SunCommander‘s visa for the last three major events, GankStars have decided to end the issues for once and for all. Earlier today, GankStar’s team captain Bird announced the proposed team changes to his twitch livestream audience, a roster change that could very well mean the end for another iconic Paladins esports team.


The proposed changes are as follows: Thiel and Suncommander will be permanently moved to a substitute position within the team while Perdo and Shipa, who are currently playing for the European District 69, will be on trial for GankStars.  The full new team roster would consist of Bird, Laizy, Bonkar, Shipa and Perdo, quite the powerhouse.


As expected after the recent embarrassing results from District 69 during the DreamHack Summer Premier (ended up 7th place), players may abandon the team. Shipa and Perdo from District 69 could be jumping ship to GankStars to try their luck at more success. It is currently unknown what this would mean for District 69. Will they pick up new players and come back stronger than ever before, or split up and form multiple new super teams? Only time will tell.

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