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ESL Go4Paladins Europe Cleanfeed is Live!

ESL Go4Paladins Europe Cleanfeed is Live!

Commentary is a fundamental part of a successful esports broadcast, and as with an esport’s success as a whole much depends on the foundations built within its grassroots scene to provide a proving ground for both aspiring players and broadcasters wishing to dive on in.


Cleanfeed resources can prove invaluable to this, and we’re happy to announce that the ESL Go4Paladins Europe Cup will now feature a cleanfeed broadcast for all of the games shown on the official stream.


The cleanfeed will be available on, and will feature information about the upcoming match, map drafting, a universal clock between games to allow for better syncing between online co-commentators or friends, and raw game footage with just the game audio – no commentary or other noise.


Broadcast quality will be 720p/60 at a bitrate of 6000kbps. This provides the best balance between framerate and quality that Twitch currently allows and is sufficient for rebroadcast at 720/60 using browser, display, or window capture via your streaming software of choice.


The cleanfeed will currently only be available for the ESL Go4Paladins Europe Cups; broadcast will begin at 18:45 CEST/12:45 EDT every Thursday, with the exception of the Monthly Finals during which broadcast will begin one hour later.


The following format will be used during broadcast (descending order):

  • Title screen
  • Match information (team vs team)
  • Map draft (if Bo3 or above)
  • Champion draft
  • Map draft
  • Gameplay
  • Scoreboard
  • If games remain in set – map draft/match information
  • If no games remain in set – title screen

This format is repeated per round of the tournament.


Tournament information, including the live bracket, standings, and more can be found via


So whether you’re an aspiring commentator looking to practice or rebroadcast the cup with your spin on things, looking for the perfect highlight reel moment, or just looking to watch the games with no commentary, for analysis or otherwise, tune in this Thursday to try things out!

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