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Pro Player First Impressions Of Jenos, The Ascended.

Pro Player First Impressions Of Jenos, The Ascended.

Yesterday, Hi-Rez Studios showed the newest addition to the Realm to the audience during their patch reveal. Prior to the reveal, we asked some pro players to voice their first impressions and opinions on Jenos, the Ascended. Keep in mind the following statements of the players were the very first impressions of the Champion as it was shown during the reveal, and their opinions may have changed already after playing it on the Public Test Server.
The very first impression I received was from none other than Stolzey, who is a very well known pro in the Paladins esports scene. He stated that “his damage per second is unreal for a support Champion and that he will bring an entire new feeling to teamfights”. This remark was mainly aimed towards the main attack called Star Splitter, an ability that rapidly fires projectiles like Viktor’s gun. Gerrah from District 69 stated that “he [Jenos] literally seems like a DPS.”

When I asked Gankstar’s Bird about his first impression on the healing side of things, he was fairly certain that this Champion won’t be used as a main healer for a team. “It’s clear that he will be a relatively weak main healer. However, he suits the style of some of the other off-healers like Grover and Grohk.” When I asked Shoo, a console pro playing for Strictly Business about his healing capabilities, he voiced the same impression as Bird: “He will never be played as a solo healer, his single target heal on an 8 second cooldown is not enough to heal your entire team.“ Kusqt, the recent DreamHack champion, also shared Bird’s secondary support impression. “I think he will really shake up the meta and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s used as a secondary support to pocket a more vulnerable character like Tyra or Viktor while dishing out some damage himself.”

The Void Grip ability is by far the most interesting one. Based on the first impressions that we received, Jenos will mainly be used to pick out opponents for others to burst down. Quoting Stolzey “The banish ability was one of my favorite abilities to use as Freya in Smite. Catching someone with that in an FPS pretty much means an instant death to anyone banished. Very easy to punish the person banished” Bird also sees some great potential in this ability and predicts that Jenos is going to shake up teamfights. “You can strongly influence the course of a fight with your ultimate and Void Grip ability while still topping off your teammates with Astral Mark.” “Because of this you get good control over teamfights by protecting your most valuable teammates while at the same time making theirs more vulnerable .”
When the ultimate was shown during the reveal we received a lot of concern from the players saying that it might be a little too powerful for a support Champion. While Stolzey simple stated that “his ult is OP”, Bird looked at other factors. “The F ability should fit pretty well into his kit of being able to have control over the fight.” once again telling us that this Champion will bring massive control on the battlefields of Paladins.
Some final thoughts from the pros:
This Champion will bring a whole new feel to team comps he’s involved in due to the fact that he has massive damage and lower end healing. He will most likely be coupled with another support on the team. Fighting a team with him in it will force teams to play much differently, mainly because he can use multiple abilities through walls. Finding and killing the healer means an entirely different thing now.
It’s interesting actually because it kind of completes the cast of support archetypes. We now have healing oriented supports, damage, CC, and Jenos really seems to fill out the roster.
Overall it seems like a great addition to the Champion pool and it should be interesting seeing him in competitive play with more teamwork involved!
Right now there is no real accurate way to tell how he will play in a 5v5 competitive setting, but from the looks of it i’m going to guess he will be banned every game.

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