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Burrito Expands Shop

Burrito Expands Shop

After the explosive debut of console Paladins esports during DreamHack Valencia, it’s unsurprising that the console scene is gaining more attention. Burrito Esports has decided to widen their reach in the Paladins scene by picking up the PlayStation 4 team MobTown R2B.



Coming into the Console Wars as the second European seed with an impressive 72% win rate, MobTown was ultimately bested by Team CryptiK in the semi finals.

The Burrito PS4 roster now consists of:

  • TheLGCY (Captain)
  • Smutny-1221
  • DudeThatsBirch
  • Thias



We sat down with the team Captain TheLGCY to discuss the pickup and the future of the team.

Firstly, congratulations on the pickup! Could you tell us more about your role in the team?
I play damage for the team. I have been in the scene since console Paladins started in January, and I fill the role of the “hyper carry” if we call it that. I play all the hard hitters that can change matches while birch on the other damage plays the constant pressure damages that result in our success.

Being the second seed in the Console Wars qualifiers, you must have been approached by multiple organisations. What made you seal the deal with Burrito?
We had been looking for an org for a while and shortly after Valencia, Mobtown (our former org) merged with Invigorate. This meant that we had nowhere to go and needed an org for further events. We had offers from many orgs and a lot of great ones but in the end Burrito already being a massive org in Paladins, that we simply couldn’t say refuse.
What are the future plans for you and the team?
Well obviously we want to qualify for HRX and then win it while we are there! After that we just hope to win whatever comes next! However speaking short term, we just want to dominate all the community driven tournaments and prove we are a top team.
Finally, are there any teams you’re looking forward to fight against?
We want to take on Strictly Business (SB) because we had to play against a dive comp every week in qualifiers and SB always run dive comps from what we’ve seen. So we know what to do against it. Honestly any team that makes it there should make for a good game so we are just excited to play the best teams in the world!
Console Wars Valencia was just the beginning! With future plans for the console scene yet to be announced, one thing can be said for certain: Burrito are prepared to invest into the future of console esports. You can follow Burrito Esports on their twitter account. Stay tuned for more console announcements!

Imrose is a content creator for Paladins, being most active on his YouTube Channel "NinjaBoffin".

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