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Champions Circuit

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DayDateTournament NameTime (SGT)Website/Sign Up
MondayMay 21---
TuesdayMay 22---
WednesdayMay 23---
ThursdayMay 24---
FridayMay 25---
SaturdayMay 26---
SundayMay 27---
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DayDateTournament NameTime (CEST)Website/Sign Up
MondayMay 21---
TuesdayMay 22Game Grover Tournament7:00pmClick Here
WednesdayMay 23Game Grover Tournament 3v37:00pmClick Here
WednesdayMay 23Paladins Challenge Cup #238:00pmClick Here
ThursdayMay 24ESL (Magistrate Cup)7:00pmClick Here
FridayMay 25The Solo Rider 1v18:00pmClick Here
FridayMay 25Paladins Challenge Cup #248:00pmClick Here
SaturdayMay 26ESL (Community Cup)6:00pmClick Here
SaturdayMay 26Esports Wall8:00pmClick Here
SundayMay 27Fast Cup3:00pmClick Here
SundayMay 27Paladins Rivals 1v14:00pmClick Here
SundayMay 27Esports Wall8:00pmClick Here

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The Paladins Champions Circuit is a tournament hosted by Hi-Rez Studios. This tournament features the best 4 teams in the region. Winner of this tournament will be invited to Hi-Rez Expo.

Prizepool: $12,500.00
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First Place: Burrito 

Second Place: District 69

Third Place: Team viral

Fourth Place: Kings of the North

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First Place: MatchPoint 

Second Place: Team Eager

Third Place: Spawn Killed

Fourth Place: Fake Out

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The Paladins Champions Circuit is an ongoing tournament. Only the top 4 teams of each region can participate. Click here to find out how to enter tournaments.