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Chinese HRX Qualifiers Recap

Chinese HRX Qualifiers Recap

Last weekend the TGA Winter Finals and the World Finals Trial took place in China. The winner of this tournament would not only win a grand prize of ¥200,000 but also represent the region in the Paladins World Championships of 2018! The teams competing for the top spot were QG Craze and JC Gaming. Without any further ado, let’s begin!


Watch the VOD here:


Game 1:
The first map of this best of 7 would take place on Frog Isle. JC decided to run a triple tank composition that consisted of Torvald, Barik and Inara, accompanied by Mal’Damba and Evie. QG, on the other hand, ran a solo tank composition which consisted of Ash, Jenos, Androxus, Shalin and Drogoz. The damage heavy composition did show a little resistance, but ultimately JC showed that triple tank is still effective and won the first game with a score of 4:1


Game 2:
The second game took place on Serpent Beach, which unlike Frog Isle provides the players with a tonne of open space and mobility options. JC having won the last game with a triple tank composition decided to use the winning formula again, while also drafting according to the map. Their champion composition consisted of Ash, Barik, Ruckus, Maeve and Jenos. QG decided to draft double damage yet again and drafted Lian, Cassie, Torvald, Androxus and Mal’Damba. Because JC had a slight advantage with the mobility composition, they won the game rather easily with a clean 4:0


Game 3:
Realising something wasn’t working, QG decided to try something new in Jaguar Falls. Applying the winning triple tank formula themselves, they drafted Barik, Torvald, Fernando, Mal’damba and Grohk. So not only do they run triple tanks, but they also decided to throw out flanks and damage and opt for 2 healers instead. After which JC then proceeded to draft double tank and damage with Drogoz, Cassie, Inara, Ruckus and Jenos. As expected QG dominates the early game and grab a 3:1 lead quite easily. However as the items came online for JC, the triple tank composition loses it’s potency and just like that, the teams are tied at 3:3. In a last-ditch attempt QG start to stack shields and while it looked bleak, it ended up working out and QG took the third game with a final score of 4:3


Game 4:
Stone Keep was the venue for the 4th match. By now both teams knew that picking a triple tank composition does not mean an easy victory. Learning from their mistakes, QG opted to run triple tank yet again but unlike last game, they didn’t pick double healer. Instead, they went with a flank. The composition was Torvald, Ruckus, Ash, Ying and Evie. JC’s draft on the surface wasn’t anything too special. Inara, Barik, Cassie, Maeve and Jenos. What wasn’t taken into consideration however, was their level of cohesion! Some phenomenal plays later, JC are now just one game away from being the champions after winning this game 4:0


Game 5:
Potentially the last game of the series, it takes place in the flourishing Brightmarsh. JC draft Ruckus, Inara, Drogoz, Cassie and Mal’Damba. QG realising that Brightmarsh is a relatively tight map, they draft Grohk, Torvald, Fernando, Barik and Jenos. Between JC’s teamplay and QG’s map complementing draft, both teams played phenomenally. After witnessing one of the best retakes I’ve ever seen, JC evened out score to 3:3. In the final round, QG put the pedal to the metal and established a strong defence near the objective after which they decided to take the fight to JC themselves! This proved to be very effective as it earned them another game under their belt with a final score of 4:3


Game 6:
Game number 6 was played in the Ice Mines, it’s a map which we haven’t seen at all during the PPL. Even stranger was the team compositions that both teams went with. JC proceeded to draft Evie, Inara, Cassie, Torvald and Mal’Damba. A risky draft but with Ice Mines being notorious for favouring teams with momentum, it was a risk they were willing to take. QG knowing this decided to draft a particularly ‘healthy’ draft which consisted of Ruckus, Barik, Makoa, Ying and Grohk. This was also the first game where Makoa was picked. JC start of strong and gain an early 2:0 lead, but if momentum can be gained, it can also swing. QG proceed to even out the score to 2:2. JC knowing that this could potentially be the last capture and push, they decided to give it their all, and by doing just that JC won the final game with a score of 4:2 and defeated the previous Chinese representatives, QG Craze.



JC Gaming are your TGA Winter Finals Winners! Don’t feel too bad for QG just yet, as they will be representing China alongside JC during HRX in January! Which means this year we get two Chinese teams in the Paladins World Championship! Not only are exciting games to be expected, but we also get to take a look at how the Chinese meta differs from the meta in the other regions.


I highly suggest watching the VODs for this epic Finale if you’ve got the time. The VOD’s can be found here . A huge shoutout to Micchan (NANA), whose connections inside the Chinese Paladins scene made it a lot easier to write this recap! You can follow her on twitter

Imrose is a content creator for Paladins, being most active on his YouTube Channel "NinjaBoffin".

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