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Competitive Ruling: PCS Phase 3 Week 3 Account Sharing

Competitive Ruling: PCS Phase 3 Week 3 Account Sharing

Teams involved: Elevate, Mikey Jacks
Region: North-America
Date of Ruling: 2/5/2018


Subject: Paladins Console Series Phase 3 Week 3 Qualifiers


Information: During the Phase 3 week 3 Qualifiers semi-finals match of the Paladins Console Series, a player of Elevate that was already roster locked for the phase finals was found to be account sharing with a player from Mickey Jacks.


Ruling: Account sharing is not tolerated. To preserve the competitive integrity of the Game and the Tournament, the Tournament Administrators have decided to indefinitely ban the following players from all Tournaments administered by Hi-Rez Studios.

  • Wxnderful (Elevate)
  • Emit Pain (Mikey Jacks)


Relevant Rules:
Hi-Rez Paladins Console Series Ruleset


Conduct 1.a (vi)
You will not share Game accounts or use multiple accounts in the PCS.


Conduct 2 (a)
Players may not participate in or otherwise be affiliated with more than one Team at any given time. Unless determined otherwise by an Administrator, each Player shall use the account name he or she held at the beginning of the Phase Term for the entire applicable Phase.

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