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Dreamhack PC: Path to the Summer Premier

Dreamhack PC: Path to the Summer Premier

Spring has come and gone, the Masters LAN is behind us and we’ve crowned a new champion in District 69. The rest of the pack has their sights already set on the next step in the path to Paladins supremacy, The Paladins Summer Premier at Dreamhack: Valencia.

Phase 1: Open Bracket

The slate is wiped clean, and every team has a fresh chance to prove themselves against the best of the best. The path to the Summer Premier starts with four weeks of open bracket play with European competitions happening on Saturdays and North American competitions on Sundays (Check in information below*).

Duration: Saturday, May 6th – Sunday, May 28th

Format: Teams will earn points every week based on the following structure.

Point Structure:

  • 1st – 100pts
  • 2nd – 60pts
  • 3rd – 40pts
  • 4th – 25pts
  • 5th-8th – 10 pts
  • 9th – 16th – 5pts
  • 17th – higher – 2pts


Phase 2: Summer Premier Qualifier

The top four teams that are left standing once the dust settles from four weeks of open bracket play will graduate to the Summer Premier Qualifier. There, they will fight for two spots at Dreamhack.

Duration: Saturday, June 3rd – Sunday, June 18th

Format: Top four teams from Open bracket will compete in three weeks of round robin play, playing each other once in a best of three series. The top two teams based on win/loss will secure their spot at the Paladins Summer Premiere LAN.

Rules: For a comprehensive list of PC rules, click here

Phase 2: Prizing

  • 1st Place: Qualifies for DH
  • 2nd Place: Qualifies for DH
  • 3rd Place: $1,500
  • 4th Place: $1,000
  • Total: $2,500 (per region)


How to Sign Up for Phase 1:

  1. Find yourself a full team (minimum 5 players).
  2. Assign a team captain who will be the spokesman of your team
  3. Assign a team assistant should the team captain be unavailable.
  4. Join the official Hi-Rez Paladins Discord channel. Click here to join. Only the team captain is required to join the Discord channel. (Please put your team name in your Discord username).
  5. Both the Team Captain and Team Assistant are free to request their team role in the Discord. Message one of the administrators for this. (Not required, but makes it easier for us to contact you).
  6. All done with signing up! Only thing you have to do now is wait for the check-ins to open. The check-in link will be posted in the appropriate #checkins channel.
  7. When the check-in link is posted, the current Team leader/assistant has to check-in the team with the right information. after one hour the check-ins close and the tournament starts.


Check In Times:

  • Saturdays (EU) 8:00am – 9:00amEDT
  • Sundays (NA) 10:00am – 11:00amEDT.



Broadcasts will start on Saturdays and Sundays at 4:30pm EDT on

Keep an eye on our Twitter as well as the Esports website for broadcast times as well as Paladins Console Wars details!

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