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[vc_column_boxed_text el_text_title=”Paladins Competitive Information”]Q: Is account sharing allowed?
A: No, Account sharing is under no circumstance allowed.

Q: Can i play in European Tournaments as NA player?
A: No, teams and players may only participate in tournaments within their own region.

Q: When is the Paladins Gauntlet Open Qualifiers for Europe?
A: For 3 weeks, every Saturday starting March 4th.

Q: When is the Paladins Gauntlet Open Qualifiers for North America?
A: For 3 weeks, every Sunday starting March 5th.

Q: When do i have to check in for the European Tournaments?
A: Check-ins start at 8:00am EDT / 2:00pm CEST. Check-ins end at 9:00am EDT / 3:00pm CEST.

Q: When do i have to check in for the North American Tournaments?
A: Check-ins start at 10:00am EDT. Check-ins end at 11:00am EDT.

Q: When do the games start?
A: Games will start 15 minutes after the Check-ins ended.

Q: Will the tournament use seeding?
A: Yes, the Paladins Open Qualifiers will use seeding based on last weeks performance.

Q: What tournament format will the Paladins Gauntlet Qualifiers use?
A: Single elimination, Best of 3 for all games except the semi-finals and finals. Semi-Finals and Finals will be played as a Best of 5. If we have 4 or less teams participating, the tournament format will change from a single elimination bracket to a double elimination bracket.

Q: What game mode will the Paladins Gauntlet Qualifiers use?
A: Siege.

Q: Is cheating or glitching allowed?
A: No. Any players found cheating are subject to removal of all Hi-Rez Studios related and sponsored tournaments as well as permanently banned in Paladins.

Q: We changed our roster after checking in, anything we should do?
A: Yes! Please notify an administrator before the tournament begins.

Q: Is there any chat/voice program to discuss the tournaments?
A: Yes there is. We have a partnered Discord server for this exact reason.

Q: Can there be more than one team captain per team?
A: No, We only allow one team captain per team. However, your team also needs a team assistant should the team captain be unavailable.

Q: Can we play in more than one team?
A: No, Players may only be active on one (1) Paladins Open Qualifiers team at a time.

Q: Can i replace a player in the middle of the tournament?
A: Yes but you have to notify an administrator before the game starts. The said player needs to be listed as sub in the check-in form to be able to play.

Q: Is pausing the game allowed?
A: Yes. Read the official rules for more clarification.

Q: The match-up has ended, what do i do next?
A: Write down the match id (REQUIRED!) and consult an administrator.

Q: Am i allowed to stream matches?
A: No.

Q: Are we allowed to go onto buildings and ledges?
A: Ledges are allowed.

Have other questions regarding Competitive Paladins ? Check out our official Rules Tab or feel free to PM an administrator or Hi-Rez employee on the PaladinsWorld Discord channel.[/vc_column_boxed_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_boxed_text el_text_title=”Current event”]Paladins Open Qualifiers[/vc_column_boxed_text][vc_column_boxed_text el_text_title=”Quick Links”]