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First Pro Impressions on Willo

First Pro Impressions on Willo

With another upcoming patch, we are witnessing a plethora of additions to the game. Ranked changes, tonnes of new skins, the overly requested voice chat, a new map and finally – a brand new damage champion: Willo.

Willo was introduced as a damage champion coming from a new race of creatures (Nature/Fairy). Regarded as a mischievous creature, her kit certainly reflects that!

  • Wand of Overgrowth (Default): Shoot a fast moving projectile that does 500 damage in Area of Effect (AOE)
  • Dead Zone (Right Mouse Button): Prevent all healing in an AOE for 4 seconds. If enemies move out of the zone, they cannot heal for 2 seconds.
  • Seedling (Q Ability): Toss a seed that explodes after 1 second doing 500 damage and spawning 4 additional seed that each explode for 500 1 second after.
  • Flutter (F Ability): Propel forwards then upwards
  • Fae Flight (Ultimate): Free flight for 10 seconds (In which you can shoot as well)


With some very interesting new mechanics and some very old mechanics being reintroduced into the game, we asked some of the professional players about their initial thoughts on Willo. One aspect everyone agreed on was her abundance of anti-stacking abilities (Deadzone & Seedling).


The following quotes refer to Willo’s kit and strength in the OB49 PTS.

(Team Eager) wrote

 “What she’ll bring is probably an anti-deathball type of composition to the field. Her anti-healing is going to allow for a full shutdown of heavy healer based play.”

Across the pond, SunCommander (50 Shades of SNEK) has similar thoughts.

“Anti point stack ability is alright, You can zone people out similar to Mal’dambas gourd. In that regards, it looks decent”

When asked more about the types of compositions Willo will potentially do wonders against, Kusqt (Astral Authority) wrote

“I feel like the anti-heal on her secondary fire is really going to shake up the double tank meta for the teams that run it.”

When we asked Spunkki (WASD) asked about the Legendary cards choices for Willo, this was his response

“Scorched Earth. No wait, actually, all of them are pretty good! I feel that Willo in her current form will be picked 100% but not necessarily as a first pick.”


With Willo going live next week in OB49, the first chance to see Willo in action will be in the ESL Go4Paladins Europe Cup taking place on the 4th May.

Imrose is a content creator for Paladins, being most active on his YouTube Channel "NinjaBoffin".

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