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Flashpoint Picks Up Paladins Console Series Team

Flashpoint Picks Up Paladins Console Series Team

A few days ago Flash Point announced that they have picked up the Paladins: Champions of the Realm Playstation 4 console roster who previously played under the name of “SetToDestroyX”. This pickup follows rather quickly after their decent run in the Paladins Console Wars Tournament which was held at Hi-Rez Expo earlier this year.


Flash Point has been around since 2016 and strives to become a world-class organization by working hard to become better every single day. Their mission is to help grow the esports scene globally by bringing innovative sponsorships and excellent fan engagement. After the previous Paladins PC roster of Flash Point was picked up by Virtus Pro, things have been quiet in the Flash Point Paladins camp. This team pick up marks the return of Flash Point in the Paladins competitive scene.


The Flash Point roster is made up of highly skilled Paladins console player that have been around since the very start of the Paladins console competitive scene. This team of veterans will sure bring some fierce competition into the Paladins Console Series which starts again on the 3rd of February, and can be watched live on Mixer.




Denver “SwiperThe1” Keenan
“Previously rank 1 in both Overwatch and Minecraft PVP and now a high ranked Paladins player.”
– 2 time Black Ops 3 Amateur Tournament winner



Robbie “Prosperlogic” Sheret
“Former rank 1 Overwatch player before making the jump to Paladins Esports”





Jordan “iGoodlad” Goodlad
“Former Rank 1 Overwatch player that moved to Paaldins for better competition.”
– 1st place Overguard tournament



Joao “Stormavatar” Caetano
“Top level player in multiple games before coming to Paladins and qualifying for DreamHack Valencia 2017.”
– Placed 2nd at the Dreamhack Console wars 2017



Aaron “I_Only_AWP_B” Weir
“Veteran FPS player with deep roots in the Halo 3 scene when MLG was big. Moved away from Overwatch to Paladins after Hi-Rez promoted the competitive side.”
– Placed 2nd at the Dreamhack Console wars 2017



Flash Point’s Coach “I_Only_AWP_B” was kind enough to give us some of his personal thoughts after being picked up.
I’m happy to be playing under Flash Point as they provided a very welcoming atmosphere from the moment we were picked up. I have great expectations for our team in the future and I think the support provided by Flash Point will help us reach our goals, such as winning the Paladins Console Series Qualifiers and the next Console Wars tournament.
We wish the Flash Point roster the best of luck in the upcoming Paladins Console Tournament! You can watch the action live on starting February the 3rd.

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