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GankStars Join the Realm with a Bang

GankStars Join the Realm with a Bang



GankStars is not a household name today, but that may be changing soon if they continue with the success they’ve been having. Just two weeks ago they beat Tempo Storm, Team Secret, and G2 on their way to Vainglory finals in London, where they were finally bested by Cloud9. Last week, they became ESL May champions in Critical Ops, while their PlayStation 4 Overwatch team won a tournament yet again.


Having expanded to console earlier this year, GankStars set sights on the next goalpost – a PC title. They’ve been looking into games such as Overwatch, Rocket League, and Paladins for a few months now, talking to their various teams and players. In the end, Paladins stood out as the first choice due to a great balance of cost and opportunity.


“Paladins is in a great place right now, having a growing esports scene even while the game is still in beta. It is easy to see a game’s potential once it’s successful; the trick is to recognize a game before its success is obvious. This way you can grow with the game and its community, and benefit from the relationships formed during that time,” says Alex “PwntByUkrainian” Novosad, CEO of GankStars.


GankStars are picking up 50 Shades of SNEK and Grumpy Boys, the current #1 teams on PC and Xbox One, respectively. “We’re not interested in them because they’re already #1. We’re interested because both teams have the right attitudes to get back to #1 even if they do drop down at any point. The players also share our core values: inspiring sportsmanship and staying humble but hungry (and grumpy).”


We asked GankStars if they have any message for the community, and they sent us the following:


“Hi Paladins, we’re big fans! There are several of us at GankStars who play. We’re here to compete, of course, but we’re also here to be productive members of the community. If you’d like to join our content creation squad so we have an organized and focused effort that makes a difference in the Realm, please reach out to us by sending your portfolio/CV to [email protected]. We look forward to growing alongside you and the game! GLHF, GankStars”


Well said – welcome to the Realm, GankStars! Heroes, if you’re interested in following this organization as well as teams previously known as 50 Shades of SNEK and Grumpy Boys, you can find them here:






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