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Hi-Rez Studios Community Tournament Support Update

Hi-Rez Studios Community Tournament Support Update

Hi-Rez Studios has always been a huge advocate for community growth and engagement, and we pride ourselves on supporting communities of all sizes from all over the world. We also pride ourselves on the quality of the community tournaments that we support with in-game rewards.


Recently, there have been updates to how these community tournaments are handled behind the scenes, and we wanted share the news to ensure that if you’re a prospective tournament organizer, you’re up to speed with the right point of contact and are aware of our requirements.


Point of Contact Updates

Joining HiRezVinny in managing community tournaments is HiRezVox – Community Content & Esports Specialist from the Hi-Rez Studios office in Europe. Moving forward, Vox will be managing community tournaments for all games within the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa — this includes tournaments held for the CIS region).


Your updated points of contact are now:


Updated Tournament Funding Requirements

With this change we’ve also updated our Tournament Funding Requirements to reflect standardization of in-game rewards across SMITE and Paladins . It also outlines how we’ve extended these rewards to tournament staff including administrators, commentators, and broadcasters, and provides further clarification on tournament wording and both administrative and broadcast conduct expectations.


If you have interest in running a community tournament in SMITE or Paladins, and you wish to receive in-game prize support from Hi-Rez Studios for it, please send an email to the appropriate contact with a tournament proposal, or any queries which you may have. Existing community tournaments will retain their current funding status.


We look forward to the continued success of community tournaments providing a grassroots platform for growth within Hi-Rez Games.


I am The Voice, hear me roar! Community Content and Esports Specialist for Hi-Rez Studios. Contact: [email protected]

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