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HRX 2018: Paladins Console World Championship Recap (PS4 & Xbox One Finals)

HRX 2018: Paladins Console World Championship Recap (PS4 & Xbox One Finals)

The console wars have been waging ever since Paladins hit Xbox and PS4, but today the top teams on both platforms met on the World Championship stage to battle it out and see who truly is the champion of the Realm. With two best-of-seven (Bo7) finals happening for both PS4 and Xbox, Paladins console fans were in for a real treat when HRX 2018 kicked off today.


We’re hoping you didn’t miss out on any of the action — but in case you did, here’s a quick look back at what went down today and which teams you can expect to see in tomorrow’s Grand Finals match.


PS4 Finals: Ghost 5 vs. Blight

Winner: Blight (4 -2)


On the PS4 side of things, we saw EU team Ghost 5 take on NA team Blight. As the top-seeded teams for their respective regions, it was little surprise that these guys brought out some of the best plays we’ve seen in the Paladins console circuit all year.


Ghost5 came out swinging, with impressive plays that allowed them to claim the first two games against Blight. Maintaining an aggressive presence, they held their own until Blight rallied during game three, changing up their Champion picks and pushing ahead without issue. Shutdown after shutdown occurred until Blight leveled the playing field, and no matter how hard they had to charge ahead, Ghost5 just wasn’t able to stop them.


Though their opponents put up a good fight, Blight walked away with the victory and one of the two available spots in tomorrow’s Grand Finals for console.


Xbox Finals: Gankstars vs. Elevate

Winner: Elevate (4-0)


In the Xbox finals, Gankstars (EU) took on Elevate (NA). Much like their PS4 counterparts, these two squads fought hard for the only remaining seat in the Grand Finals. The kinds of plays we saw in this match were not only exciting to watch, but they reminded us why these teams ended up at the top of their respective regions in the first place.


Elevate kicked things off with a bang during this matchup, bringing their best foot forward. After knocking Gankstars back however, they were rallied against with an impressive counter. While this served Gankstars well and gave them a few early objective captures, Elevate slowly began to chip away their wall…giving them little time to respond. With great Lex plays from GR Krazyy to keep their opponents locked down, Elevate continued to dominate the field.


When all was said and done, Elevate came out victorious — proving that North America is currently the superior league on Xbox. With that key win in tow, these boys will be heading into tomorrow’s Grand Finals to test their mettle against the #1 team on PS4.


You’ll be able to catch all the action live on our PaladinsGame Twitch channel, so make sure you tune in when the console finals kick off at 6:30 PM EST. You can also follow @PaladinsPro on Twitter for by-the-minute updates on match results, game start times, and more.


See you tomorrow!

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