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HRX 2018: Paladins World Championship Recap (Console Wars Finals)

HRX 2018: Paladins World Championship Recap (Console Wars Finals)

Day two of Hi-Rez Expo proper has been and gone, and with it the Paladins World Championship elimination matches have begun! In addition to that, the Winner’s Bracket finals also played out today, providing us with the first two of our semifinals teams.


Today’s six matches are now over, but in case you didn’t catch the action, here are the set scores to get you caught up! All matches listed were best of five (Bo5).


  • Elimination Matches:
    • Nocturns Gaming vs Renegades — Nocturns win 3:0
    • Kanga Esports vs China Honor — Kanga win 3:0
    • Fnatic vs Entity Gaming — Fnatic win 3:0
    • China Dream vs Spacestation Gaming — China Dream win 3-0
  • Winner’s Bracket Finals
    • Virtus.Pro vs Ninjas in Pyjamas — Ninjas in Pyjamas win 3-0
    • G2 Esports vs Natus Vincere — Natus Vincere win 3-1


On the Console Wars side of things, we got to catch the grand finals match that pitted the top Xbox team against the top PS4 team to see which platform would come out on top. It was a brutal series of matches for Blight and Elevate, who battled their way through the finals round on their respective consoles to face off in the pinnacle matchup of the Paladins Console Wars Championship — the Grand Finals.


Everything these two teams have done at HRX 2018 has led up to this moment. And now we’re excited to announce that one team has walked away victorious. Congratulations to Elevate, who took victory following a grueling six-game set that pushed them to their limits time and time again!


This wasn’t simply a battle of NA vs. EU. It was also a battle to decide which console boasts the best Paladins players: Xbox or PS4. Now that Elevate has taken home the championship title, Xbox players everywhere can rest assured that they’re the reigning kings until next year’s event.


How did all of this happen? We’ll give you a quick recap in case you blinked and missed some of the action.


This match was without a doubt the most intense Paladins set that the Hi-Rez Expo stage has seen so far this event. Both teams brought confidence, bravado, and ruthlessness to the stage.


Game 1 took place on Jaguar Falls, and Blight took early control! Or so we thought. Elevate came roaring back to sweep Blight aside while demonstrating fantastic use of Totemic Ward Grohk that stumped both Makoa and Bomb King on the Blight squad.


Game 2 went the way of Frog Isle, and a Grohk ban from Blight provided them with better footing in the draft. Double Support was the name of the game for both teams — and whilst Elevate set up some incredible Convergence wombo-combo with SirJamesParker’s Enlightenment, the Mal’Damba and damage-focused Jenos combo from Blight narrowly stole away victory 4-3.


Game 3 followed suit on Frozen Guard, with both teams jostling for explosive positioning. Ults were flying left and right! With the game score at 3-3, once again it seemed like Elevate had it in the bag, but Blight found key picks in the heat of the moment and pulled through to take a lead in the set.


Game 4 went to Stone Keep, and with the same double Support duo of Jenos and Mal’Damba heading over to Blight to face a solo Grohk on the side of Elevate, this game looked like a done deal on paper. But Elevate exceeded expectations and fought back with gusto. Excellent positioning control and relentless pressure allowed them to even up the set to 2:2.


Game 5 took the teams to Brightmarsh as this best of seven set got reduced to just three games left to play. This map took an early swing for Blight, but Elevate held on tooth and nail. With 99% to 99% point control the scoreboard called, but Elevate’s Wxnderful stepped up and ascended to the realm of legends with clutch Hexafires time and time again. This floored Blight as they danced on the cusp of victory and sent the crowd roaring!


In Game 6, and Blight chose Fish Market as what would be the final map of this set. Blight’s draft appeared formidable, and indeed they played lights out. But Elevate were on a roll. Momentum and morale swung their way for one final time as they closed out the set, 4:3.


With that final win, Elevate earned themselves the Console Wars championship title, a pretty sweet cash prize, and plenty of bragging rights to boot. We’d like to thank all the players who brought out their A-game in this tournament, and the loyal fans who cheered them on and made this year’s HRX better than any before it.


HRX 2018 might be over for our Paladins console players, but they still have a long way to go in the Console Wars series — and there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening in the coming year that pros and fans alike won’t want to miss. So make sure you’re following us on Twitter (@PaladinsPro) for all the latest updates and news as we head into a new year of competitive Paladins!

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