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HRX 2018: Paladins World Championships Day 1 Recap

HRX 2018: Paladins World Championships Day 1 Recap

We just wrapped up Day 1 of the Paladins World Championship at HRX 2018, which saw eight out of twelve teams go head-to-head in the first part of group stage competition. These best-of-three (Bo3) matches determined who would jump straight to the next round and who would have to fight through the loser’s bracket in each group to keep their dreams of victory alive.


When the Realm was free from battle at the end of the day, four teams — Nocturns Gaming (LatAm), Ninjas in Pyjamas (Europe), Fnatic (Europe), and Natus Vincere (Europe) — had advanced to face top seeded teams Virtus.Pro (Europe), Kanga Esports (Oceania), G2 Esports (North America), and China Dream (China). Let’s look back at what happened today to kick this championship off!


Match 1: Nocturns Gaming vs China Honor

Winner: Nocturns Gaming (2-0)


The first match of the day pitted the long-time Latin American representation of Nocturns Gaming vs the 2nd seed team representing China. This Bo3 set saw a decisive 2-0 victory for Nocturns Gaming, as China struggled to maintain their presence on the field. While they attempted to mount a defense and rally a few times, Nocturns Gaming kept them locked down with a great offense throughout the match.


Match 2: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Renegades

Winner: Ninjas in Pyjamas (2-0)


In the day’s second match, champion-filled roster Ninjas in Pyjamas faced off against Renegades. Due to unforeseen Visa issues with CIS representatives Flash Point Esports, this set was Renegades chance at redemption and while they fought valiantly, NiP was one step ahead at every turn. The overtime counter ticked down multiple times throughout the match, but Renegades just couldn’t maintain the presence they needed to defeat NiP.


Match 3: Fnatic vs Spacestation Gaming

Winner: FNATIC (2-1)


The third match of the day pitted the #4 EU seed against the #1 seeded team from Brazil. In what turned out to be the most intense matchup of Day 1, Spacestation Gaming held their own against Fnatic in many close engagements — pushing back their every advance. Fnatic came back in the second game with a clean 4-0 sweep, but that only inspired Spacestation Gaming to fight even harder. Unfortunately, it wasn’t hard enough to come out on top. Fnatic fought back, resulting in one of the closest games we’ve seen in Paladins esports this year.


Match 4: Natus Vincere vs. Entity Gaming

Winner: Natus Vincere (2-0)


In the final group stage match of the day, #3 EU seed Natus Vincere took on the SEA representative of Entity Gaming. While the Champions of Southeast Asia put up an admirable fight, Natus Vincere continued to counter their every move. With Kai ‘Faenex’ van Duppen and Teemu ‘spunkki’ Tenhunen locking their opponents down relentlessly, there was nothing stopping Navi from rolling through and claiming victory in the final set of day one.


Standings & What’s Next


As we get ready for Day 2 of the Paladins World Championship, we’ll be watching the winners of today’s matchups facing off against the top four globally seeded teams in the winner’s bracket; the next stage of group play. Now into best of five (Bo5) sets, these matches will go down between the following teams:


  • 4:00 PM EST – Nocturns Gaming vs Virtus.Pro
  • 5:30 PM EST – Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Kanga Esports
  • 7:00 PM EST – Fnatic vs G2 Esports
  • 8:30 PM EST Natus Vincere vs China Dream


Be sure to tune into these matches on the official Paladins Twitch channel to catch all the action and earn loot rewards. You can also follow us on Twitter @PaladinsPro to get by-the-minute updates on upcoming games, match results, and more.

See you tomorrow!

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