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2 Days to HRX 2018: Can Kanga Esports Turn the PWC Upside Down?

2 Days to HRX 2018: Can Kanga Esports Turn the PWC Upside Down?

Since the global launch of the Paladins pro circuit, international teams have struggled and failed to take home a title outside of their own regions. Many teams don’t make it out of the first round of international events, much less get all the way to finals. Only QG Craze of China and Kanga Esports of Oceania have really been able to hold their own against the mainstay powerhouses of North America & Europe.


If you’re new to this part of the Paladins scene, the Kanga name might be new to you. Formerly known as Abyss, this Oceanic squad is the sort of team that’s so good out of the gate, they don’t get a chance to weather the failures and hardships that makes most teams stronger. The biggest limitation for these boys is no fault of their own, but something else entirely that’s quite literally out of their control — the strength of their regional scene. Kanga has been so dominant in the Oceanic region that they’re never really put to the test during the regular season or forced to adapt to strategies outside their region’s meta.


Whether it’s online or at LAN events, Kanga slaughters every team that tries to face them. Their qualifying LAN for the Paladins World Championship pitted them against the Outlaws, the second best team in the Oceanic region. They made quick work of this opponent, though — winning the set with a 4-0 record and only dropping a single point across all four games. Teams get better when they’re pushed. They learn to deal with adversity when they’re pushed. They innovate when they’re pushed. But unfortunately, there’s no one to push Kanga until they reach the all-important international stage. By then, it’s usually too late to adapt.


Kanga faces an interesting challenge, but their situation is not unique. Other international teams, like Latin American squad Nocturns Gaming, are also extremely dominant in their regions and rarely get the chance to test their skills against other leagues. But Kanga has something special that no other team does. Until QG Craze made the finals of the Dreamhack Summer Premier by defeating them in a Bo7 set, Kanga held the best performance record of any international team.


These guys compete with intensity, have fun, and always put on a great show. They’re confident in themselves, but will not let pride interfere with what it takes to win.

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