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6 Days to HRX 2018: Natus Vincere is Born to Win

6 Days to HRX 2018: Natus Vincere is Born to Win

With a name like Natus Vincere (Latin for “born to win”), Na’Vi has set a precedent of greatness that its players strive to uphold. Collectively, this team might appear lacking in LAN experience; but individually, they are fearsome and tenacious players. Though their captain, Kevin “UNBELIVABLE” Rahu, just made his LAN debut at the 2017 Paladins Invitational, the likes of legendary flickshot monster Kari “Mutu” Parvianen, frontline powerhouse Kai “Faenex” van Duppen, and damage superstar Paweł “Creativs2” have made this team a tour de force in the European pro scene.


Na’Vi has some bones to pick in the PPL scene, and they’re ruthless in their search for vengeance — especially Teemu “spunkki” Tenhunen. Once considered the best support player in the world, Teemu was abruptly kicked from Burrito Esports just a few weeks after taking the team to victory at the HRX 2017 Paladins Invitational. But instead of letting the decision crush him, Teemu fought back and helped build an even better team under the Natus Vincere name.


Now Na’Vi havebrawled their way through the PPL to finish third in the EU region and take the World Championship stage at HRX 2018. There is still work to be done before this squad can truly be a global contender, but the drive and talent are there in spades — and Na’Vi continues to rise to the challenge.

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