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3 Days to HRX 2018: Ninjas in Pyjamas Have Their Eyes on the Prize

3 Days to HRX 2018: Ninjas in Pyjamas Have Their Eyes on the Prize

While some teams in the Paladins Premier League have found success in mixing young and old talent, Ninjas in Pyjamas’ roster boasts a lineup of seasoned veterans. Three of the team’s longest-standing core members — including Erik “Bird” Sjösten, Kevin “Laizy” Jensen, and Malkolm “Bonkar” Rench — already have one Championship title under their belts, as they took home the Paladins Invitational trophy at HRX 2017.


The other two members of NiP are also fairly notorious. This Finnish duo, known as Pasi “Shipa” Piiparinen and Pietro “PERDO” Ernon, has a history that goes back as far as either player can remember. Formerly members of District 69, they joined the NiP squad shortly after the Paladins Summer Premier.


Although their reputation preceded them in the competitive scene, NiP initially struggled to adapt to their roster changes. The newer players had a hard time falling in line with the more established members, and it was clear that the team had a lot of work ahead of them if they wanted to find their stride and get back into fighting shape. Even so, NiP claimed the second seed in online play and finished third overall at the PPL Fall Finals, which qualified them for the Paladins World Championship. But when this talented EU lineup takes the stage at HRX, they’ll have to prove that they can overcome whatever’s been holding them back.

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