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Interview with HiRez Drybear #3

Interview with HiRez Drybear #3

Paladins Lead Designer Drybear is back for another interview with PaladinsWorld! We listened to your community input from the PaladinsWorld discord and threw in some hot-topic questions of our own to get a sneak peak into the behind the scenes process of Paladins, as well as some spoilers for some fun, new content to come.
Which recent project in Paladins are you most proud of? Explain the result(s), why you’re proud of it and why it’s relevant to Paladins and its community.
The Basic Tutorial comes to mind. Tutorials are notorious for being a challenge in development, since they have to be incredibly smooth and bug free. The team rallied and put together an awesome tutorial to get players started in Paladins and familiarizes them with our favorite funner, Viktor.
When will players see a wider variety of mounts for a personal touch?
The team is looking forward to adding more mounts to the game. We have a lot of things to add in to Paladins, that are currently missing in the game, so we are working diligently to move through the list. Mounts will come in due time! There’s a lot of ideas the team has been tossing around like dragon mounts, armored Corgi mounts, or flying carpets.
More specific; Will we ever see Pip’s chickens as a mount? Perhaps a Paladins World mount?
Those poor chickens are put through a lot of stress on a day to day basis. Are you saying you would want to see Fernando placing all his weight on top of one? Actually..
Any plans to add the old siege mode back as an alternative game mode? Many people loved it.
We have a new mode that is being worked on. Game modes go through a lot of iteration to make sure they are just right and can be played for a long period of time, so we try to hold them to a high standard. I can say that the mode we are working on internally focuses more on a strong Co-Op experience against challenging A.I. enemies, much like a bot match in Co-Op vs A.I. but cranked up!
With your involvement in Paladins, how has this been for you in terms of self-growth as a game manager/lead designer/director?
My experience with the Paladins team has been many things, but humbling sticks out strongest to me. This game set out to craft a new genre and it posed a lot of fun challenges along the way. I’ve been very fortunate to work with a lot of talented folks, and carrying a game from inception to open beta and beyond has helped me grow tremendously!
Will we see custom team/organization swag such as mounts, skins, icons, etc?
We have a lot of experience from SMITE esports to draw from. Hopefully we can start on systems and content that support the growth of Paladins esports as we move into next year.
What is your goal for the competitive future of Paladins? Do you see it flourishing as an eSport and if so, do you plan on possibly doing a community based fundraiser similar to SMITE for a prize pool?
Paladins was built to support competition by creating a framework that drives team compositions and by making it so you cannot change champions during a match. When console is available we want to support competition there as well, and if the appetite is strong enough prize pool contributions are certainly a possibility.
What has been your least favorite aspect of working on Paladins from a designer’s perspective?
The cards provide an exciting challenge from a design perspective. Finding a balance between all the champions and roles is one layer and adding card combinations into it creates a second. You can have Kinessa running a full Oppressor Mine build that shifts her effectiveness in a fight dramatically. We are always trying to give the players as many options as possible to fashion creative builds for every champion, but in a way that doesn’t confuse enemies as to what they should expect from you during a fight. In the early stages of beta, we gave the champions wild and fun cards (like giving Barik’s Rocket Boots a flaming trail behind him that burned enemies) but in the end while it was fun for the player who used the card it created a large amount of frustration and confusion for enemy players who now had to study the scoreboard constantly to know what their opponents could do. We think we’ve created a system that both encourages experimentation in build configuration, but doesn’t put as heavy of a burden on the enemy team to know and understand tons of varied builds during a match.
Will a function like in-game voice (such as Curse with SMITE) be integrated into the Paladins system?
We are looking at VOIP options for Paladins. It’s a feature we like a lot, but want to implement it in a way that is easy to use for all players.
Any chance of a stats API like the one uses?
We have added more functionality to our outward API to support community sites!
In our second interview with you, we asked you what your perfect Sunday was. Your answer back then was “At the office working to make Paladins better!” Is this still the case?
Always. There’s a mountain of things on our hit list for Paladins that will take us easily into late next year, and that’s not including a steady stream of new champions and new maps!

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