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Interview With Ronin’s KusQt

Interview With Ronin’s KusQt

Our North American MVP of the Pre-Season Tournament Week 4 is r.Kusqt from Ronin. Kus and his team proved themself throughout the last weeks and currently take the third place in the NA Ranking. After their solid win in the finals of Week 4, we had an interview with Kus about his thoughts on the Paladins competetive scene, Hi-Rez Studios’ role in the eSports scene and his favorite playstyle.
Q: Easiest question; How do you feel about your current position in the competitive scene?
A: I currently feel like I’m one of the strongest carries in North America. I have the best support I’ve ever played with behind me to make plays when I over extend and it let’s me play a lot more loosely. It’s a good feeling playing a carry role to know you have a strong safety net to fall back to and bait enemies into when you get into trouble. In all honestly I’m just glad I found a team that would give me a shot after I was cut from Warpath. I love my Ronin boys!
Q: What would you like to see to get added/changed in the coming months?
A: I would like to see cards added moreso than Champions at this point in the game. Build diversity is really key to keep the game fresh. When I see Barik, Cassie, Evie, Buck etc. I know what they’re going to try and do and how they’re going to play without seeing their cards. I’d like to see the beacon go away and focus main objectives/team fights. Lastly I’d like to see the current Capture and Siege map rotation revamped or have more maps added to it. Glacier Keep has a healthy amount of verticallity to it I feel the other two maps are lacking.
Q: What do you think should Hi-Rez Studios focus the most on to help the eSports scene of Paladins?
A: The best thing Hi-Rez could have done to help bloom the competitive scene (in retrospect) was change the 100k tournament to a 50k and invite more teams. A lot of teams who are outclassed at the moment simply gave up because they feel they have no chance to make it to the big LAN. It’s sad, but true. With hindsight out of mind, I believe Hi-Rez could potentially throw in some consellation prizes to make people feel like they did not waste their weekends.
Q: Do you think your team has a good chance to reach the DreamHack tournament? Which team do you fear the most?
A: I feel like my team has as good a chance as any team to make it to DreamHack this summer. When I say as good a chance as any I really mean it. Any team can surprise anyone at the moment. I don’t feel any one player or team outshines others, it’s really about raw time put into the game. You reap what you sow. When you pub, pub hard. When you scrim, scrim like it’s the PW finals. Give it your all and trust your teammates. With that said, may the patch be ever in our favor.
Which team do I fear the most.. oh man. Can I say none? That would be too cliche. I honestly fear the team that the patch favors the most. When everything is said and done, and we stop getting weekly updates and start to solidify the game, I’ll be able to answer this easier. I would say that the patch 19 currently favors HM1 and Torpedo, and I’ve already came out publicly and said it. So I guess in turn, those are the teams I fear at the moment.
Q: If you have to play a champion for the rest of your playtime, which champion would you choose and why?
A: If I had to play one champion for the rest of my playtime, I’d choose patch 11 Evie, Impasse Aftershock was such a rewarding play to make. Memories aside though I’d probably choose Androxus. He just fits my playstyle. You can literally do anything with him. He can be in your face, in the air, almost caught, retreat back to your team. The possibilities are endless. The way he shoots gives me a McCree vibe who I’ve spent countless hours on in Overwatch. Anything hitscan really suits my play.

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