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Interview With Torpedo’s Laizy

Interview With Torpedo’s Laizy

Three days after the completion of Europe’s first round of their Preseason Tournament Series were we made aware of our first EU MVP: Torpedo’s Laizy. I had a chance to sit down and chat with Laizy midweek as to better get to know him, what brought him about to the Realm of Paladins, and how he has come to enjoy such radical success with Torpedo over the last few months. Here’s what I found out.
Q: Laizy, as I’m sure that’s not your real go-to name, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
A: “My name is Kevin, I’m 25 years old and from Denmark. Obviously a Paladins player, but outside of Paladins, I study and work as an IT Technician.”
Q: Paladins, being a newer game, I’m sure wasn’t your first gaming endeavor – can you tell us some of your gaming background before Paladins?
A: “I grew up playing Everquest, Zelda: Ocarina of time, Quake, Unreal Tournament, Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem; those were the times.
I also have 10 years of competitive experience in Starcraft 2, CS 1.6, CoD and CS:GO as well as many other games. Previously to Paladins I played in Season 4 for a challenger team called XI-Gaming in League of Legends.”
Q: When did you first get into Paladins? When did you decide it was something you wanted to pursue competitively?
A: “After quitting League of Legends, I decided to try out Paladins. The game shared moba and fps flavors, which was the ideal genre I was looking for.”
Q: How long have you been playing with Torpedo Gaming? And how did you end up finding them?
A: “We started as a team called “LF Group” back in early November. At the time, everyone on Discord was just looking for people to have fun with or to farm chests with. It was actually a player called Fatmanbling who wanted to make a team and brought every one of us together on Discord. He, unfortunately, did not meet the final cut. We became a finalized roster (with a player called Kycho) after we beat, which were then, the reigning teams in EU. After a month of playing together, Torpedo Gaming approached us with the offer to join their organization. Under the pressure of sacrificing a lot of free time to play, Kycho left because he was working on two time-consuming master’s degrees at the time. It was then that we added Spunkki to the roster and, in late December, we became the Torpedo Gaming Paladins team that you know today.”
Q: A pretty in-depth story! With all of those players and changes, what actual role do you play on your team today?
A: I am the shotcaller and strategist for the team.
Q: I know as a shotcaller moments can get pretty frustrating when things go wrong. What was one of the biggest personal plateaus you hit in Paladins, and how did you overcome it?
A: “Staying on top of the game, even with the constant and drastic changes going on is by far the hardest thing to move passed. However, we as a team overcome it by theorycrafting a lot and testing things that we might not normally consider a viable option.”
Q: Pretty sound advice, now before we head out how about some tips for new players – If you could offer one bit of advice to a new player in Paladins, what would it be?
A: “Play every character and find out which one that fits you the best. Copy what other people do to begin with, then when you understand things start to experiment and find what you feel is best.”
With Week 2 right around the corner the EU teams of Paladins definitely have a perennial powerhouse to keep their eye on. Torpedo has only lost one round in Paladins World tournament play, and has been known to engage with some of the top teams in NA as well, giving them a mix-up playstyle that will be hard for anyone to predict. As far as getting into the mind of Torpedo’s Shotcaller Laizy – the picture, although clearer, is still a hazy one. A grand appreciation to Laizy for taking the time to talk to me and a fond GL and HF from myself to all of the EU teams as they go into the Realm Week 2 to square off against this goliath of Paladins eSports.
You can find more information about Laizy and the Torpedo team by following them on Twitter, watching their videos on YouTube, and checking them out Live in action on Twitch.

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