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Interviews with Death & Taxes Kroad

Interviews with Death & Taxes Kroad

Kroad – known for his legendary Kinessa plays, is one of the start-ups in the professional Paladins eSports scene. With his team “Death & Taxes”, he constantly showed success in the PaladinsWorld Pre-Season Tournament and aims for the big Paladins Founders DreamHack Tournament. We did an interview with him about his gaming career, his Paladins experience and his wishes towards the development of Paladins.
Q: How did you get into gaming in general?
A: I’ve been a PC gamer since I was very young, playing mainly MMOs and RTS games. In early 2014, I started playing Loadout, the first shooter I enjoyed, and eventually got picked up by a team as a subsitute for my current teammate SunCommander, leading to me playing on the best team of the game in late 2014. I then moved on to Dirty Bomb with other Loadout players which we played competitively with some success.
Q: When and why did you start to play Paladins?
A: I started to play Paladins after some Loadout and Dirty Bomb friends invited me to play and watching Bitey stream it a bit. At first, I was planning on playing Paladins in order to get Overwatch access but after becoming so invested in Paladins I found it more enjoyable and don’t play Overwatch despite now having access.
Q: What’s your favorite moment of your Paladins playtime?
A: My favourite moment has to be either beating Torpedo in a scrim for the first time or beating Torpedo in last week’s PaladinsWorld Tournament. Torpedo was one of the best teams we scrimmed and is still the highest ranked team EU so beating them was a great milestone.
Q: Is there anything you wish Paladins would have?
A: I think the only thing I would really like Paladins to have is more of a focus on mechanical skill. Right now, the game rewards mainly teamwork and gamesense and I would like to see a push towards raising the mechanical skillcap of champions. For example, the “critical hits” card for Kinessa could be changed to “head” instead of “upper body” and the damage bonus increased, rewarding strong aimers.
Q: How do you practice and what are your routines for the tournaments?
A: During the week, my practice will consist of almost only practice matches vs other teams. While casuals are great for mechanical practice, it is in scrims that you will be able to work on your teamwork and gamesense most effectively. On the weekend, I will grind casuals and play pickup games when possible (make sure to check this discord channel for EU pugs). As for my routine before tournament, I will try to wake up early and grind casuals for a few hours to warm up. I will stop an hour before tournament or warmup scrims start and then play osu! for an hour. I think it’s important to take your mind off the game before a tournament starts in order to prevent burning out or tilting during the tournament and osu! is a great game for this as it also keeps your aim warmed up.
Q: What makes your Kinessa gameplay so special?
A: Probably the fact that I play her. It’s hard to call myself special when almost no other teams run Kinessa so I have little to compare myself to (in fact I don’t run her either in this patch). I prefer playing Kinessa agressively rather than passively as her kit allows such a playstyle and I feel like this allows me to turn a fight to our advantage before it has even begun.

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