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Kungarna Returns As They Pick Up Ex-Swarm

Kungarna Returns As They Pick Up Ex-Swarm

When we first got to know Kungarna back during the fourth week of the Paladins Pre-Season Tournament, it consisted of  MykL, Pcack, Wardoom, FEHS and MOETORIOUS. But all that was back in 2016 and things have changed a lot – Kungarna broke apart as their players joined other teams or even started playing other games professionally than Paladins. However, the Kungarna spirit never died, …

and now, they’re back. Under the leadership of former Paladins pro players MykL and MOETORIOUS, Kungarna picked up the prior existing Team Swarm. A very promising North American team that is looking to bring Kungarna back to its roots. Kungarna now consists of MrHaze, RandomNoobTV, PrinceDannyTV, Epps and Dreiss with MykL and MOE as founders of the Kungarna organisation. Together, they build a number one worthy North American team.


We asked Kungarna‘s organisation owner MykL for his reason behind the pickup of ex-Swarm“It was a perfect fit. We’ve always been close with PrinceDannyTV as he was also part of one of the later iterations of Kungarna back in 2016. Other than that we knew Swarm was currently the number one unsigned team in North America”.



From today on, ex-Swarm will be playing under the name of Kungarna. They will play in the Dreamhack Valencia Qualification rounds tonight for a chance to set things right where the previous roster went wrong. Make sure to tune in at to see how this new Kungarna will hold up against the other teams.

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