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Natus Vincere Are Your New Paladins World Champions!

Natus Vincere Are Your New Paladins World Champions!

Congratulations, Natus Vincere! This European team fought their way through the first season of the Paladins Pro League, pulled out a qualification at the PPL Fall Finals, and then dominated the competition at HRX 2018 to win it all and become the reigning Paladins World Champions!


Natus Vincere is Latin for “born to win”, and this team has definitely lived up to the name. These five pro players — Unbelivable, Spunkki, Creativs2, Faenex, and Mutu — came into the Paladins World Championship with high hopes, and found themselves squaring off against fellow EU team Fnatic in the Grand Finals. In this all-important set, Na’Vi pulled out such an incredible performance that Fnatic wasn’t able to take a single game off of them, and the set ended in a quick 4-0 sweep. For more information about how it all played out, you can check out our recap of the Paladins World Championship finals or watch the VOD of the full match below:



Now that Na’Vi has taken home the World Championship trophy, HRX 2018 and Season 1 of the Paladins Pro League have come to a close. We’d like to congratulate the Natus Vincere boys once again for a World Championship title that they’ve worked hard to earn. We also hope that they’ll take this time to rest and recuperate, because there’s another exciting season of Paladins esports on the horizon! We don’t know what Na’Vi will bring to the table in this new year of Paladins, but we’re excited to see what they have in store for fans!


To keep up with these guys as they head into the next season, follow them on Twitter @natusvincere or visit the official Natus Vincere website for more information about the organization. And don’t forget to stay updated on the latest Paladins Pro League news via the @PaladinsPro Twitter as well.


See you next season, Champions!

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